Ann O’Malley’s Deli & Irish Pub

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Ann O’Malley’s is OPEN even with the crazy construction on Orange Street. Park in the garage and head on over!

St Augustine Construction Meme Ann O'Malley's
St Augustine Construction Meme Ann O’Malley’s

Remember Cheers?  You know, the bar where “everybody knows your name”?  We found it’s Irish cousin in St. Augustine, Florida.  Ann O’Malley’s Deli and Irish Pub has been where the locals go for 20 years… I guarantee you’re welcome, too!

I’ve heard over the years that people who don’t grow up in church feel akward when they visit.  The same applies to me in bars.  I’m usually more of a Rhett’s Piano Bar kind of gal than a “belly up to the bar” chick.  Well, I certainly hope when people visit our church that they feel as comfortable as I did after my first visit to Ann O’Malley’s!  We bumped into many friendly faces from St. Augustine (hi, Alice!) some enjoying a sandwich, others their favorite beer.

Speaking of sandwiches- check out The Marty!  It’s loaded with pastrami, a generous serving of cole slaw, melty-swiss and tousand island on toasted rye.  Yum.  Oh!  And bacon!  Don’t forget the bacon!  You can grab this beauty for lunch (they open at 11:00), dinner or a late-night snack.  Same menu all day.

I’m not crazy about beer, but Ann O’Malley’s offers a great Bloody Mary that I enjoy.  Another favorite is the Irish Car Bomb- great for a celebration or a fun-time memory.  Not all the specials are drinks, though.  John serves a Sunday Special: Beef on Weck.  I’ve never had it but I hear it’s a pretty special roast beef sandwich!  And if you’re planning a fun weekend away, ask if Pub Life is available upstairs– it’s a great spot to base a weekend at Ann O’Malley’s from.

Maybe this calls for another visit and another blog!  If you beat me to it- comment below!

Ann O’Malley’s
23 Orange St

Update!  FREE PARKING for PATRONS: Ann O’Malley’s knows parking in historic St. Augustine can be hard to find… and expensive!  Before your visit to O’Malley’s, ask to borrow their Park Now Card and park in the garage for $1 instead of $10!!

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