Back 40 Urban Cafe

We arrived at Back 40 Urban Cafe at 6:15.  Drat.  Missed Taco Happy Hour. (3:00-6:00 daily)  On the bright side, it forced us to try several new dishes & take home lunch for the next day.

I brought 6 hungry kids with me, so we started with the Vegetarian 3 Bean Chili and Chips appetizer. ($5.95)

It was well received!

Back 40 is in a cute little old house, so we had our “room” to ourselves (the front room was full).  While we waited for dinner, we played “I Spy” with the pop art.

Lauren opted for the Southwestern Caesar Salad ($7.95).  Crisp romaine was generously topped with half a Haas avocado, fresh cilantro and crunchy tortilla strips.

I ordered the Mahi Mahi Casino ($8.95)- the iceberg lettuce on the plate had me questioning how good my sandwich would be {confession: I’m a lettuce snob & iceberg doesn’t make the cut} but the fish was well seasoned and the casino topping was tasty.  I took off the top piece of bread and ate it open faced.  Without the lettuce, of course.

The Mahi Tacos were delish! After ours, I can tell you- the tacos are where it’s at.   If you can make it for Taco Happy Hour, do it! You can choose between Jerk Chicken, Avocado for a vegetarian meal in St Augustine or Mahi Mahi taco… each for only $2 apiece!!  I also want to try the wet burrito next time.

We also had a Back 40 Burger ($7.95).  Their take on a burger is meatloaf on a bun… creative-ish but I won’t go so far as to recommend it.  I did like that it was pressed cuban style.  I love toasted sandwiches.  The black beans needed some seasoning, but it was Timothy’s plate and he didn’t mind at all.  Mamma’s the picky one in this family.  😉

Unfortunately, we didn’t save room for dessert.  We’ll have to go back for the Key Lime Pie ($4.95).  And if we make it during happy hour, it’ll be a perfectly justifiable expense!  Look how much we’d save- $2 a taco is great!

Until next time… Enjoy St. Augustine, we surely do!

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