Beaches at Vilano

Some places you go for the food, some for the atmosphere, some for the people… take a look at this photo and you’ll know why we go there:

We popped by Beaches after a long morning in town at official functions where my six sweeties {err… 4 sweeties and 2 naughties?!} had to be relatively still & quiet for 4 hours.  They did great.  But we were all d.u.n. done.  On a whim, we headed over the Vilano Bridge and pulled into Beaches.

I hoped for outdoor seating where we wouldn’t disturb any other diners on this late weekday afternoon… I had no idea we would be eating on the beach and would be free to play while we waited for our food!!

Commence operation unwind Mamma…

My drink, I think it was called the funky monkey, was the weakest drink ever poured.  Look at me, bartender!  I’ve sweetly kept 6 children quiet all morning- just because it’s not 5:00 doesn’t mean I want to pay  $7 {ish} for fruit juice!  Strike 1!  Fortunately, God’s relaxation {water} took effect even though the sorry drink didn’t and I breathed out the tension I didn’t know I’d been holding all morning.  Beaches was looking better by the minute.

 I ordered the Ahi App for a quick hunger fix while we waited for lunch.  

I’m not sure why it came with guacamole {weird combo & tasted squeezed out of a bag, strike 2}.  The bigger issue was that our appetizer came with our lunch!  Strike 3!!  But perhaps the kitchen was trying to feed my pirrhanas as quickly as possible, in which case I’ll be grateful.  And there’s the beach.  The beach is so nice… so I decided not to write this place off yet. 

Fish tacos were spicy but good.  The kids adored the tater tots & we passed around plates to share.  Lauren adored her Caesar Salad- it was large enough for her to eat and share!

Clara announced she was full after 2.3 tater tots in favor of playing in the sand.  Since it was mid afternoon & the restaurant was almost empty, I let the kids play to their little hearts’ content!

After lunch, I decided I like Beaches.  I really do!  I’m not going to go expecting gourmet food, but if I can sit with my toes in the sand while my kids laugh & play in the ocean, I say that is an experience worth having!  Our friendly server brought the kids disposable cups to use in their crab-catching-sandcastle-building-shell-collecting diversions.   

Like I said, some places you go for the people, the atmosphere and the view.

Beaches at Vilano
(904) 829-0589
245 Vilano Road


  1. Terri says

    Here was our experience. Saturday night date night with hubby. Decided to try Beaches – looked like a good place to chill out, have a few drinks, and hope for a decent meal.
    It was 7:00 Saturday so we expected to wait. Fine by me!! I could sit in a chair with my feet in the sand and a drink!!
    All went bad from there. There was a techno DJ outside playing VERY loud and VERY obnoxious club music. We are not old or opposed to fun, but this stuff was so thumping and loud we couldn’t carry on a conversation. Then there was the crowd on the beach. Very obviously under aged kids, all very drunk and smoking, with their fake IDs or 21 year old friends running back and forth to the bar.
    I made it through one drink and we left. We were very disappointed. The place had so much potential!

  2. says

    My wife and I visit St. Augustine annually and we pick new places to visit each year. This year, we went to Beaches at Vilano for a late lunch. The restaurant still had a good crowd and we got a super nice waitress. The main thing that impressed us was how good the food was. My wife ordered classic fried shrimp and I got the shrimp tacos. Man! The shrimp tacos were delicious and loaded with perfectly sauteed shrimp. And my wife’s fried shrimp were perfect and fluffy. We like Beaches at Vilano so much I decided to feature it on my website, We can’t wait to try even more things on the menu on our next trip!

    • says

      Glad you loved it, Allan! The view & kick-back pace at Beaches is hard to beat! 🙂 ~Allie O

  3. Joe Kirby says

    Went with wife, daughter and son-in-law Saturday the 6th of Feb. 2016. Terrible weather; but service and food were outstanding. Among the four of use, we had Fried Fish Tacos, Grilled Fish Tacos. Fried Mahi Entree and Grilled Salmon Entree. It was all outstanding with nice portions. We brought a couple of Tacos home. Looking forward to going back when weather is nice.

    • says

      Next time ask for the secret menu, Joe. They have “sunshine” available for a nominal fee. Hahaha 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed your meal! ~Allie O

  4. Lynda RYERSON says

    Took friends at sunset and sat outside. It was beautiful. The drinks were the worst and weakest ever. The fish sandwich and fish tacos and wings were a hit. Don’t get too creative when ordering , it’s worth a trip just to sit in the sand. There was no music (it was a weekday) and we were grateful because the speaker was right behind our heads.

    • says

      Exactly! The setting makes the place!! Glad you got to stick your toes in the sand, Lynda! ~Allie O

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