Bon Ami Confections CLOSED

I’m sad to tell you Bon Ami has closed.  On the bright side, Cousteau’s Waffle & Milkshake Bar has replaced it and it’s a pretty cool spot.

I’ll get straight to the point: Bon Ami Confections is the most creative bakery in St. Augustine!  Whether you need gluten-free desserts, something you’ve never tried before {like an Earl Grey French Macaron} or a sweet treat to wow friends, Bon Ami is your St. Augustine bakery!!

Dear Reader, meet Bon Ami’s French Macarons.  {Those ^ are macarons.  Yes, they’re worth the trip.}  Not to be confused with coconut macaroons, these light, airy meringue cookies are packed with flavor.  We’ve tried dark chocolate coconut, mocha, caramel, pumpkin, dark chocolate coconut, lemon, lavendar, pumpkin, key lime, PUMPKIN… They’re all good but we clearly have favorites.  😉

While the macarons are my favorite, Bon Ami also makes a killer Lavender Shortbread cookie, homemade marshmallows {different flavors each visit!}, croissants every Saturday {delish, but I have to admit I like Bistro de Leon’s chocolate croissant better… less bread & more chocolate!} and a lot of cookies.  Try the Spicy Mayan if you’re an adventurous chocolate lover.  And there’s the Bacon Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookie for those of you who just can’t get enough bacon! {ahem. Jared.}

It’s a teeny shop, but it’s super cute, as is it’s warm-weather big bro The Hyppo popsicle shop.  I like the scale’s old-timey charm…

…and the layered “art within art” above the fireplace is cool.

But my favorite accent in the store is found on the side of the fridge.  The candy-colored spoons are so cheery against the matte black paint!

All of our baked goods are made right here by hand & with love.”  – Bon Ami Confections

Freshly baked, handmade goodness… What more can you ask for!?!  My hubby would rather have a Bon Ami box with pumpkin macarons than just about any treat.  I, on the other hand, think this tantalizing brown box is almost as good as a box of Claude’s chocolates…  Almost. 😉

Bon Ami Confections CLOSED
15 Hypolita Street
(904) 342-5627


  1. Teresa says

    Another spot to try out in June. Thanks!

    • says

      You’ll love it! The treats are so flavorful I find myself satisfied after tasting one macaron!

      p.s. I think you should write a recap of your vacation for the site after your trip!

  2. says

    I look forward to trying them next month. I’ve never had a macaroon before. They look delicious though.

    • says

      You’ll love them. Let me know! Tweet a pix of the one you try!!

  3. Teresa says

    I’d be glad to. We’re hoping to actually get a chance to check out some condos for sale while there this time. My husband and I would love to be locals instead of tourists.

    • says

      Yes! You guys will be great “neighbors”! Viva San Augustin!

  4. Anna Marie R. says

    I heard about Bon Ami from a “Southern Living” article and I had to stop in during my visit to St. Augustine. Wow, I am glad I did! The macarons were the best I have ever tasted. The cookies and brownies were incredible as well.

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