Brunch in St Augustine – Costa Brava

Weekends are for relaxing. What better way to start a day off than with a leisurely brunch? Costa Brava’s brunch is in line with the Casa Monica Hotel which houses it- classy, contemporary and five-star. It’s the swankiest spot for brunch in St. Augustine.

Costa Brava Brunch in St. Augustine

Adjacent to the lobby, you’ll be drawn to Costa Brava’s brunch spread whether you intend to be or not. If you’re looking for an excuse to dress up, you can do it here. Gilded trim throughout the first floor, live music and servers in ties elevate the brunch to semi-formal status though many in this vacation town will show up to any brunch in St. Augustine in shorts and flip-flops.

Costa Brava Brunch in St. Augustine at the Casa Monica Hotel
Looking for brunch in an elegant setting? Costa Brava’s brunch in St. Augustine is a perfect combination of formal and playfully delish!

The offerings span from the expected- an omelette station and a carving station- to the exceptional- personal waffle station, paella, mussels and oysters. I couldn’t decide where to start so I grabbed a plate of charcuterie while I chose the best starting point.

Costa Brava’s brunch charcuterie includes cured meats, cheeses, olives, breads and spreads. We often have a charcuterie tray for Sunday dinner at our house and here we had an entire table just for starters! Wow!

Charcuterie Brunch in St. Augustine Casa Monica Hotel
I love charcuterie- Costa Brava offers a spread to leave you satisfied.

If I was wowed by the charcuterie table and personal waffle station, I was completely blown away by the seafood presentation. Crab legs, shrimp, mussels and oysters were replenished throughout the morning and shared the table with smoked salmon and its accoutrements. I don’t care for shellfish but my hubby was in heaven as he casually worked through an entire plate of King Crab legs. This table may be worth the price of admission alone!

Costa Brava Brunch in St. Augustine Casa Monica Hotel
Presentation is important at Costa Brava- this almost makes me want to eat a raw oyster… almost.
Casa Monica Crab Legs Sunday Brunch in St. Augustine
King Crab legs often appear on brunch tables but many restaurants run out before the brunch is over. Costa Brava keeps the platter full and the drawn butter hot!

If that isn’t enough seafood, steps away from the raw bar you’ll find an impressively large paella pan on the carving table that overflows with mussels, clams, shrimp, chicken and the distinctive earthiness of saffron. It’s adjacent to Chef Fred’s carving station- you’ll want to see what’s being served up at your brunch in St. Augustine! Oh, and don’t forget the roasted vegetables, tomato & mozzarella salad, beet salad and crazy good deviled eggs.

Paella St Augustine Casa Monica Hotel
Costa Brava’s signature paella boasts clams, mussels, shrimp and chicken.
Chef Fred Casa Monica St Augustine
Chef Fred carves for guests on Sundays.

Other surprises included yellow watermelon, pastries and a dessert station with portions cut just small enough that I didn’t feel guilty taking a few.

Desserts Costa Brava Brunch St Augustine
The dessert bar wows- chocolate mousse, key lime bites, chocolate dipped strawberries and so much more filled the table when we enjoyed brunch!

Servers keep the mimosa flutes full and are also at hand to take orders for the kitchen- there is a small menu of items that can be ordered directly from the kitchen, such as shishito peppers and spiced potatoes. The menu, actually the entire spread, changes seasonally but is always deliciously prepared and beautifully presented for an amazing brunch in St. Augustine experience every time!

Costa Brava Sunday Brunch St Augustine
My handsome date for Sunday Brunch. We sent the kiddos to church and headed out for brunch in St. Augustine for our 18th anniversary.

Costa Brava Sunday Brunch at the Casa Monica Hotel
$39 adults, $19 children 10 & under
95 Cordova Street
(904) 810-6810

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