Cafe del Hidalgo

I have discovered the best deal in St. Augustine.  Hint #1: It’s at Cafe del Hidalgo.  Hint #2: It includes gelato.  {read on!}

We’ve been eating their made-fresh-daily gelato for years.  With flavors that vary from exotic {pink grapefruit, hazelnut, coconut} to traditional {chocolate & vanilla} there’s a flavor for everyone!  And since homemade gelato is made with milk, not cream, it’s refreshing without being heavy on a hot day.  Healthy dessert!?  Yes, please!

Gran wanted to treat us to dessert after our dinner at the Chianti Room (review coming soonish).  We decided on Cafe del Hidalgo so we could try something I read about on a St. Augustine forum… a tasting platter of gelato.

You can taste as many flavors as you’d like when you first walk in the shop.  Then walk back to the register to pay.  Head back up to the gelato cooler- with your receipt- to be served.

Cafe del Hidalgo serves sandwiches, coffee drinks and pastries as well- I’ve never eaten there. {I hear mixed reviews, comment below with your story (good or bad) so our readers will know what to expect!}  I have had a tasty frozen coffee drink and a pretty standard cappuccino.

Mom sipped on her coffee while we waited for the tasting platter- which I learned is called the Copa to Share.

We joked that they must be milking the cows & hand churning the gelato because it sure seemed to be taking a while… the kids were just shy of banging their teeny tasting spoons on the table, “We want gelato! We want gelato!” when this masterpiece arrived.

Our mouths gaped open as we took in this larger-than-a-dinner-plate serving of gelato.  No wonder it took a little while- it’s loaded with 10 flavors of gelato, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, pecans & sliced almonds, dried cherries, whipped cream and chocolate syrup!  Never, in my wildest dreams, did I expect this kind of presentation from an ice cream shop!

Everybody dug in right away- at our house, that’s 8 spoons.  (For you germaphobes, don’t worry… they brought over plates to dish it out.)  Let’s do the math really quickly.  A small cup of gelato (2 flavors) is $4.29 in a cup.  The Copa is 10 flavors of deliciousness topped with mounds of wholesome toppings and is only $13.68!!  What!  What!  What a deal!

I’ve never seen Clara’s hand-eye coordination so fine-tuned.  Not a drop got on her shirt!  😉

This is “after”.  How much fun is this?!  Delish, fairly healthy and affordable whether you’re a small family of 2 or a large family of 8!  (If you want to try the same treat in a single-serve size, it’s $6.84.  They thought of everyone!)

We still grab single cups of gelato ($4.29) for a quick treat sometimes, but it’s more fun to grab a memory with the Copa to Share at Cafe del Hidalgo.

Cafe del Hidalgo
35 Hypolita St (diagonal from Columbia)
(904) 823-1196


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    I went there today and I got the small cone with Watermelon and Pineapple Gelato. It was delicious!! The watermelon had a lighter flavor but it still just as good as the pineapple.

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