Cap’s on the Water

Anytime I meet up with friends for dinner, I’m asked to choose the place.  “You’re the St. Augustine expert!” they reason.  “You’ll know the perfect spot!”  {uhh, no pressure!}  When my friend Karen invited me to dinner with long-time blogger Ann, who was vacationing in Florida, I racked my brain for somewhere that combined Old Florida ambiance and delish food.

For all the water we have in St. Augustine (Matanzas River, many creeks, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Atlantic Ocean), we have very few waterfront restaurants!  I picked Cap’s on the Water, a waterfront restaurant in St. Augustine, for our blogger meetup.

Cap’s Waterfront Restaurant St. Augustine

Cap’s capitalizes on their gorgeous waterfront dining location with a huge deck stretching across most of their property.  We were promptly seated next to an outdoor heater {you laugh, but it gets cold here, too!} where we could enjoy the sunset.

Protip: There’s always a wait in the summer.  If you can go in the “off season” or on a week night you may avoid the long lines.

Blogging is hard work, so we were all hungry!  I started with a Beet & Fresh Cheese Salad, served with locally made cheese, ($7.99) then chose the Goat Cheese Eggplant Stack ($8.99) from the starters section for my entree.  As you can see in the photo below, it’s a perfect dinner size.  The balsamic reduction added a sweet touch and beautifully complemented the goat cheese in the stack.  There are a lot of things I like on Cap’s menu and this will be added to my favorites!

Karen ordered the Short Rib Sliders ($12.99) with a side of plantains ($3.99).

You may notice in the picture a side of fries.  This seems like as good a time as any to tell you that while the food at Cap’s is consistently good, the service at Cap’s is consistently… well, consistently “eh”.  It’s not usually bad but I always feel the need to warn people and time & time again I hear it’s a good thing I did.  Go with expectations of an amazing view and delish food, if you get great service you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

I suggested Ann try the Vanilla Grouper ($22.99).  It’s one of my favorite entrees at Cap’s & she echoed its praises!  Flash fried & served over mashed potatoes and fried spinach {sounds weird, but this spinach is crisp & delish!} each part of this entree is thoughtfully prepared but it’s the sweet vanilla rum sauce that makes this dish sing!  Ann ordered the sauce on the side and the server did remember that.

We were grateful for the heaters once the February sun set.  White lights strung in the old oaks allow the Old Florida ambiance of Cap’s to shine even after the sun sets.  We decided we’d stay for dessert.

A girl can never go wrong with chocolate- so that was an easy choice for Karen.  But after the richness of my Beet & Fresh Cheese salad then the goat cheese in the Eggplant Stack, I opted for a lighter dessert…

Cap’s Panna Cotta ($5.99) did not disappoint!  The texture was perfectly smooth- I liked to take a bite with one of the fresh berries on my plate.

I nursed a cappuccino ($3.49) to stay warm as we chatted into the night.  We talked of blogging dreams- not at all aware how soon some would come to fruition!  Water from an incoming tide gently washed away the shoreline, dots of white lights blinked as majestic oaks gently moved in the breeze and I remembered again why I love Cap’s on the Water.

Cap’s on the Water
4325 Myrtle St


  1. Alicia says

    We just went on Monday for the first time. We actually had a great server! Food was delish! We did have await, it was packed

    • says

      Packed on Monday?! It is Spring Break, but then there’s always cause for celebration here in St. Augustine.

      So much for my weeknight suggestion… 😉 Glad you loved it!

  2. says

    You are the go-to St Augustine expert, Allie! And you made a great choice for dinner that night. Now, every time someone is looking for a great place to eat in the area, I will know enough to send them your way!

  3. says

    I so enjoyed an evening with friends and fellow bloggers. People who totally ‘get you’ when you take photographs of food BEFORE you dive in! The ambiance was fantastic and a beautiful sunset. Can’t wait to do it again!

  4. Jenn says

    Love, love, love the atmosphere and food! I have been many times. The only thing I would add is the need for a bug repellent when the weather starts to warm up. The no-see-ums (knats) can eat you up.

    • says

      Great tip, Jenn! We’ve experienced that at Kingfish across the river, too. Ouch!

  5. says

    I’m a foodie and fellow food blogger (in Mexico) who’s spending a week next month in St. Augustine with my wife, son and daughter-in-law and two young grandchildren and I’m having great difficulty deciding which restaurants to visit.

    If you can give me three recommendations I’d appreciate it (and we can escape from grandchildren at least once).



    • says

      Sure, Glenn (Don Day?!)! You can look through these posts to get a feel for local spots:

      If I had to choose three restaurants on a whim, I’d go to Cafe Alcazar (in the Lightner Museum- great history, you’ll be dining in what was the world’s largest indoor pool) for lunch, BlackFly for a nice dinner (just over the Bridge of Lions on the Left) and maybe Casa Maya for an organic, Mexican dinner. There is a fish place across from Casa Maya (both on Hypolita Street) Catch 22 or something like that… I hear great things & it’s high on my must-try list!

      Take the whole fam to Chianti Room during happy hour (4-6 M-R) and enjoy all drinks BOGO, a free slice of pizza per adult ordering a drink & $5 off a pizza pie (for the kiddos). Not a bad deal. I order the “Veggie Garbage Can” there. Yum.

      Enjoy your stay! Hope to interact via more comments on my blog & you can find me & other locals on facebook:

      • says

        Don’t forget to try “The Floridian”- wonderful Florida menu and great people! And also “Mojo’s Old City BarBQ” and sit outside on the street-side patio and watch the people go by! And ask for Jess or Melinda- the 2 best servers there!!!

  6. Lorena says

    Thanks very nice blog!

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