Casa Maya for Dinner

“Welcome.  Will you sit inside or out?”

Marco Barrera, owner of Casa Maya, greeted my friend & me and pointed us to a table for two in the tiny, shaded courtyard.  Between his accent (he’s from the Yucatan area of Mexico) and the creative menus we perused, we knew dinner at this St Augustine restaurant would be authentic.

Veggie Empanadas appetizer ($10.95) sounded like a good place to start.  Next, I was hooked on the fish special- mahi with a mango sauce and rice & vegetables ($18 ish).  My eats-on-the-safe-side friend decided to try a tostada topped with ropa vieja, the name escapes me ($8 ish).

The sky darkened as we waited for dinner and a pleasant breeze blew down Hypolita Street from the bay.  White lights peeked out from the jasmine covered archway leading to the street and the strum of the accoustic guitar from Spy Global Cuisine next door combined for fabulous ambiance.  It was a perfect night to dine outdoors in St. Augustine!

Dinner was served in perfect time.  The Mayan Soup’s fresh avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro and fresh mexican cheese set it apart from tortilla soups I’ve tried elsewhere, the expected crunch of tortilla strips rounded it out well.  My fish was well prepared, not overcooked and dry which is common with Mahi, and the mango puree was so fresh it took me back to childhood memories in Miami eating mangoes off my Giddo’stree.

The rice with veggies could’ve used a bit more flavor, but I’m not a rice fan so I’d be hard to please there.  On the plus side, the veggies in said dish were super fresh and the Haas avocado slices were perfectly ripe.  Not a bite remained on my girlfriend’s plate, so I’m pretty sure she liked it!

Our veggie empanada appetizer arrived after our entrees (with profuse apologies, which were- of course- accepted.)  I pushed dinner aside to enjoy a bite, then two, then decided it was better than my rice anyway, so I ate the empanadas instead.

The proportions were ample but not overwhelming, I only had room for a Mayan Hot Chocolate when dessert time came but I had a taste of my friend’s mango pie (think key lime, but sub mangoes).  Creamy, refreshing, not overly sweet.

Casa Maya also serves breakfast and lunch.  With options like chilaquiles, Poblano eggs and an Apocalypto sandwich, I’m excited to return for breakfast.

17 Hypolita Street, St. Augustine, 32084
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  1. says

    aww, you made it sound so romantic and sweet… you wrote a lovely story here! 🙂 what fun we had! love you!

  2. 2Romos says

    You will love breakfast! Include a cup of organic Sweetwater coffee and treat yourself to a fresh smoothie.

  3. bsnow says

    I visited the Fourth of July at 3:30. We were not given regular menus but a photocopy of a limited menu that included the basics only – tacos, taco salad and nachos. The taco salad was advertised with romaine but we were given iceberg. The bottom of the fried shell was soaked with water and disentegrating. The entire dish was bland including the chicken and very uninspiring. The portion was very small for a $12.00 salad. The service and dessert were good though. Not happy with my visit this time.

    • says

      Oh no! I’m not surprised by the limited menu on one of St. Augustine’s busiest days all year but I *am* surprised by the iceburg & soggy shell. That’s not their norm- I hope you have a better experience next time!

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