Claude’s Chocolate

My daughter takes me out for Chocolate every year on my Birthday.

Note the capital “C” for chocolate?  That’s because she doesn’t just give me a Hershey’s kiss or even a dark chocolate ghirardhelli square… she takes me to Claude’s Chocolate in St. Augustine, FL.

I think this is an outstanding little tradition {she even thought of it herself!} and it’s the #1 reason I love Claude’s Chocolate.  Sweet memories with my girl… I look forward to our annual trip for years to come!

The truffle case offers about 20 more reasons to love Claude’s Chocolate!  His truffles are only $1.10 each and the creative combinations set Claude’s apart.  My personal favorite is the Spicy Mayan, followed by the Columbian Coffee, crunchy Almond  and the Gianduja… oh, and Dark Heart of Passion.  It’s too hard to pick just one!!  More traditional truffles include praline, Sea Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter filled.  Whatever your passion, you’ll find a chocolate to make you smile.

Today, I tried a Columbian Coffee truffle for the first time.  Yum.  {Don’t you love the little coffee beans “printed” on the top?}  Even without the beans, there’s no way you’d mistake this truffle for any other flavor!

Not a coffee fan?  No problem!  Try the Earl Grey… the bergamot note is very pronounced like a perfectly steeped cuppa.

We had the privilege of touring the “chocolate factory” at the Ponte Vedra Claude’s Chocolate.  (It isn’t as magical as Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory but it’s delish… and probably safer without the Oompa Loompas!) We saw some treats-in-progress (dark chocolate enrobed peanut brittle coming soon!).  This gives me even more appreciation for the delicacies I purchase… when a chocolate takes two or three days to craft by hand, it seems foolish to hear someone on Trip Advisor complain about the price of $1.10 each!

You can pick up a gift basket or choose your favorite treats for a custom one.  Yes, Claude ships his chocolates as well.  Shopping for a loved one with allergies?  Their dark chocolates are milk free and all are gluten-free.  The St. Augustine shop sells quality ingredients as well… I picked up a raspberry syrup to make Italian Sodas there; it was the only bottle I could find locally that was free of additives & dyes.

Other tasty treats this St Augustine blogger loves from Claude’s “menu”:
chocolate coated popcorn
big, chewy cookies
Voila! Popsicles (homemade)
also, the St. Augustine shop carries ice cream & lattes & spicy hot chocolate (which is delish)

Claude’s Chocolate
Ponte Vedra                                                               St. Augustine
                   US 1 at Hilden Road               6 Granada Street (facing Lightner Museum & Casa Monica Hotel)

           Mon – Sat 10 am – 6 pm                              Tues – Thurs 10 – 6, Fri & Sat 10 – 8, closed Mondays
904-829-5790                                                      904-808-8395                            


  1. says

    Happy Birthday Allie!!! Looks like you had a very yummy time:)

  2. Holly says

    Such a lovely post for such a lovely place! I have had the pleasure of working at Claude’s for nearly 2 years now, and it really puts a smile on my face to hear such great responses from people! (As I’m sure it does for Claude and Nicole as well!)

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