Cold Calf Local Ice Cream Truck

Tim and Robin didn’t plan to own the ice cream scene on the First Coast… it just happened that way. Owners of Cold Calf local ice cream truck on Anastasia Island since August, 2015, they’ve already expanded to an additional trailer (Cold Calf 2), ice cream cakes, catering, and even weddings. Just a year into this biz, they’re winning awards and expanding their reach.


“We’re kind of new to this whole thing but we killed it at Taste of St. Augustine with best dessert!” Robin excitedly told me at the cement tables in front of their iconic red trailer.

“It validated us,” Tim adds.

The couple, and baby Leah, chatted comfortably with me- and even revealed their deepest fear. They are afraid baby Leah won’t love ice cream. “She had it one time but she hated it- it was too cold,” Tim told me. I don’t think they have much to worry about. With ice cream this good (they’re sticking with tried and true faves established by the Cold Cow family), Leah is sure to come around.

Baby Leah is an ice cream holdout.

My Wesley never thinks it’s too cold for ice cream but he didn’t finish the kids’ size cup either. At $3 for kids under 10, the kids’ cup is more than I usually finish so I wasn’t surprised.

When it was my turn to order, I couldn’t decide between flavors- chocolate or raspberry- so I asked Jace, Robin and Tim’s daughter, to serve up 2 scoops {$6}.

Wesley ate his ice cream and wanted some of mine, too! He brought the, “we all scream for ice cream” poem to life!

Andrew opted for a cone instead of a cup. He did eat it all. If only he’d eat his kale with such excitement! LOL! Well, I ruined that night’s dinner for sure since we had Cold Calf local ice cream before dinner… because life is short and we live in a vacation town. #noregrets

Childhood should be magical! I hope the kids remember these years as fondly as I do.

Childhood magic. Happening daily at Cold Calf local ice cream truck.
Best friends… but they don’t share ice cream. They did order the same flavor though!
Big kids need ice cream, too! Ben went for a root beer float.

My hubby’s favorite is the Banana Split – only $8 but I’ll buy yours if you can finish the thing. It is enough for 2 or even 3 people! And there are bananas in there, so it’s healthy… right?

Cold Calf’s Ice Cream Sundaes and Banana Split are no joke… if you can finish this, you’re a better man than I am!

A Cold Calf fan favorite is the new Fruit Chiller. Mixed to order, customers have come up with some crazy combos. Tim told me a must-try is mango sorbet, pineapple and Strawberry Fanta. If you’re a candy kid, add Sour Patch Kids or Starbursts to the mix. They’ll even throw a little whipped cream on top if you’re not worried about it being dairy-free! This sugar buzz is $6 and completely customizable.


“We try to cater as best we can to our regulars,” Tim told me before I left. And it’s true… they really do have everything. “We have gluten-free, no sugar added, locally made FroYo… we can hold 45-55 flavors so there’s a lot to choose from.”

The only question is what combo will you dream up?

Cold Calf Local Ice Cream on Anastasia Island
802 Anastasia Boulevard
(904) 315-5187
Hours change seasonally – at least from 3:00 – 8:00 pm. Call to confirm.
Cold Calf 2 ice cream trailer is available for parties, weddings, etc. Call & see what you can dream up together!


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    I didn’t know different people owned cold calf. I figured it was the same as cold cow. But that is really cool. We already have them booked for our wedding and are super excited about it 🙂

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      Originally, it was the same family. But as mentioned above, the Cold Calf team is having a blast running with the original vision and expanding it. I bet you’ll have an adorable wedding w/this sweet treat there!! ~Allie O.

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