Dolce Cafe for Sandwiches and Gluten Free Crepes

On busy St. Augustine days when crowds are thick and lines are long, we veer off the beaten path for meals. Dolce Cafe serves sandwiches, gluten free crepes, salads and coffee on the other end of St. George Street just steps from busy King Street. If you haven’t been, follow me inside via photos from our last lunch there…

Dolce Cafe

Dolce Cafe St Augustine
Dolce Cafe is on St. George Street just steps from King. From historic St. Augustine, walk past the plaza and the Government House to find this little crepe shop.
Dolce Cafe Menu
The menu board is overhead when you enter. You can also grab a paper menu beside the cash register.

Counter Service, Real Plates

At Dolce Cafe, order & pay at the counter but receive food on real plates! I really hate {and I do mean hate} paper plates and plastic forks so this is a huge bonus in my book!

The line moved slowly on my last visit. The ladies working knew the other 3 parties in front of us so they were chatty… but we were patient because knowing the businesses you frequent is the great part about small town life! So although you walk in and order at a counter, don’t expect to be in & out quickly like fast food.

gluten free crepes dolce cafe
Veggie Delight Crepe with side salad. The plate in the background is Clara’s Grilled Cheese with Goldfish. I have failed as a foodie mamma.

Gluten Free Crepes… and regular food, too

We ordered a crepe and two sandwiches off the “real” menu and then cut each into tasting portions and shared. It’s noteworthy that all crepes are gluten free but they’re so light and tender that you’d never know. The Turkey Bacon Avocado was the table favorite and we all vowed to order that one again! We didn’t order it on GF bread but they do keep that in stock as well. {If you follow a gluten free diet, you’ll want to check out this Gluten Free St Augustine roundup!}

Dolce Cafe Sandwich St Augustine
A Turkey Bacon Avocado sandwich on flatbread and a BLT in the foreground.

Diners choose between chips and a side salad with each sandwich/crepe. I’m pretty big on eating your veggies, so we all ordered side salads… the girls felt that the vinaigrette was too vinegary. LOL While this is kind of funny because, well, it’s a vinegar based dressing, it is worth noting. They’re used to a sweet 18 year vinegar from Ancient Olive. {Spoiled maybe?} So order the salad if you’re a grown up but not if you’re a kid.

I now interrupt this food review to post family photos because I may look like a St. Augustine blogger but I’m truly a MOM BLOGGER at heart. 😉

St Augustine Dolce Cafe
Clara ordered a grilled cheese. Really, child? You can order any delicious thing you’d like and you order a grilled cheese? My foodie ways have not affected her yet like they have her siblings. Oh well, at least she’s a cheap date.
Dolce Cafe St Augustine copy
Georgia Anne and I did a selfie too… an all girls lunch is special! 🙂

I typically pop in to Dolce Cafe when I’m alone and want a quiet lunch.  If you’re looking for a gluten free lunch option or a crowd-less option or an organic coffee spot, try it out! You may see us there, too!

gluten free st augustine dolce cafe
This photo is from a previous visit. The crepe was good then, too.

Dolce Cafe – view their website & menu
210 St. George Street #C3
(904) 615-1583

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  1. Susan Clark says

    I live in the neighborhood and this is by far my favorite place. The food is always fresh and delicious. The owners John and Darlene are the best! Love, love CAFE DOLCE!!

    • says

      There you have it- a testimony from a neighbor & a regular. THANK YOU Susan! ~Allie O

  2. says

    I know grilled cheese is for kids but that grilled cheese looks delicious!!

    • says

      Try the Turkey Bacon Avocado. It’s so good. Seriously. ~Allie O

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