Dole Whip Isn’t Just For Disney Anymore!!

Rejoice, Disney fans, rejoice!! We have Dole Whip in St Augustine!

You no longer have to pine for Dole Whip Soft Serve the 362 days you aren’t at Disney every year. St. Augustine has an ice cream stand that serves this sought-after, refreshing, pineapple ice cream treat year round!

Dole Whip St Augustine
Now that we serve Dole Whip, St. Augustine is CERTAINLY a better destination than {ahem} most theme park cities. {ahem} 😉

Close your eyes and you’ll think you’re at Adventureland’s Aloha Isle Refreshments at Disney! Well, that’s what most locals are saying. A few holdouts insist that Disney’s is one-of-a-kind but a facebook poll says this is legit! {If you’re new to the Dole Whip phenomena, read this post about it on the Disney Food Blog.}

The Original Likit Frozen Custard also offers soft serve treats like “flavor burst” ice cream, floats & shakes. And I hear that when Mrs. Cindy from the Pirate Museum needs a good hot dog, she heads over to Likit for a legit one.

St Augustine Dole Whip
Likit is on St. George Street in front of the Milltop’s classic Mill Wheel.

Once you’ve tasted it, let me know in the comments… is this soft serve as good as Disney’s Dole Whip?

9 St. George Street
(904) 679-5492


  1. jeri roberts says

    I love the dole/vanilla cone get one everytime i am in St. A. Have not had Disney’s but had two last weekend when i was there!!!

    • says

      Have you tried the pineapple juice float? It’s refreshing though quite different!

  2. Will says

    I’m in St Augustine now, and saw this shop. We love Dole Whip, but it’s a treat for (us anyway), only at Disney only.

    • says

      I get that! Some memories are best kept sacred. 🙂 But if you tire of Disney lines or the extra cost of the tickets, you know where to come 😉 ~Allie O

  3. Katie says

    Was super excited to see Dole Whip this summer during our annual visit to St. Augustine. But the employee working couldn’t tell me if it would be safe for my nut- and dairy- allergic kiddos. Is the Dole Whip machine only used for Dole Whip? We didn’t feel comfortable enough to order…

    • says

      Hi Katie! When I spoke with the owner Kyle when they first opened, he said it’s everything-free! No dairy, no nuts, etc. I know a severe allergy is nothing to play around with and you’re wise to investigate… from what he said, I think you’re in the clear! They do not switch flavors. This machine is only used for Dole Whip. Hope that helps! ~Allie O.

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