GAS Full Service Restaurant

Gas is quite possibly the friendliest restaurant in St. Augustine. 

We’ve munched our way around town but a recent dinner at GAS left me with warm & fuzzies! It wasn’t just the hostess’ bright & cheery greeting- at 9:15 pm- after a busy night of packed tables celebrating graduation. Nor the friendly and helpful waitress who didn’t just read a list of beers for my beer connoisseur hubby but brought the whole chalkboard over & talked him through the perfect selection for him.  It’s the vibe of the whole place that makes GAS a great place to eat– and we found out the source of that vibe at the end of our night.

Brittany is our favorite waitress in town- she always has a smile on her face!

Chris decided on an Erie Brewing Co. Ol’ Red with Brittany’s help and wasn’t disappointed.  He hadn’t had an Erie Brewing Co beer since our trip to Ohio- it was nice to see it here in town.

The beer went well with the Reuben Egg Rolls {$7.50} Chris ordered off the Appetizer menu.  I admit- I was skeptical of corned beef & swiss in an egg roll.  I envisioned a greasy, tasteless mess.  Clearly this was because I’d not experienced GAS Restaurant’s creativity before!!  It was crisp on the outside, moist inside and a delicious, fresh way to deliver the comforting taste of a Reuben.  Well done, GAS!  I might mention that this item has broad appeal- it won GAS an award from the recent Taste of St. Augustine competition!

Reuben Rolls GAS St Augustine

I ordered a burger.  GAS’ version of this American standard includes locally raised CartWheel Ranch beef and buns that are baked fresh daily.  I asked for sautéed onions & BBQ sauce- Brittany didn’t mind me customizing my burger at all.

You’ll have a choice of sides- including fries, waffle chips, pickled local veggies and {I chose} a crunchy jicama slaw.  It was very peppery and very crunchy = very good.  My friend thought it was a little too peppery and preferred her fries- to each his own.  😉

GAS’ Black & Blue Chicken Hot Brown {$8.50} was topped with a fried green tomato and bacon and our friend pretty much licked the platter clean.  It’s one of GAS’ fork & knife sandwiches. I’ll be brave & try the Burger Benedict next time… it’s another fork & knife creation & now I’m convinced it’s tasty!

Then we met Lindy.  She’s the owner of GAS {her chef hubby creates these delish dishes!} and I knew at once where this place gets it’s energy!  She’s cheery, spunky, attentive and adorable.  When she told us there was a chevre cheesecake in the back with my name on it, I decided I had room for dessert after all!

It was a “sneak peak” of sorts {a merlot reduction would accompany it the following day} so she sent out a plate of their homemade caramel sauce and chocolate sauce to choose from.  As excited as I was about the cheesecake, I think I liked the caramel sauce better!  It was perfect!  The citrusy “bitterness” in the cheesecake was pretty pronounced w/o the balance of the sauce so I’ll have to go back and try it again. {oh darn!}

Every dessert served- from ice cream to beer floats to cakes- are made in house so you know your meal is one of a kind from start to finish.

We enjoyed each fresh, creative dish.  Record GAS on your Best Restaurants in St. Augustine list this way:  For delicious food in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere, don’t pass GAS!  I’m happy to have tried it out for you… man, I love my job!!

GAS has a new dinner menu… here’s the latest!

GAS Full Service Restaurant
Tues – Thurs 11:00 am – 9:00 pm, Fri & Sat 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
9 Anastasia Boulevard
(904) 217-0326

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