GAS Restaurant

What makes a restaurant great?

I suppose there are as many answers as there are diners but these criterion are agreed upon by most:

  1. Does it have welcoming, comfortable & unique ambiance?
    GAS is in an old filling station & it’s decorated like a classic diner. {Check!}
  2. Are servers friendly, attentive and knowledgeable?
    GAS has the friendliest staff in town. Everyone loves Brittany and Lindy! {Check! Check!}
  3. Is the menu comprised of delicious dishes- better than I prepare at home?
    GAS’ kitchen cranks out unusual flavor combinations and crazy fun dishes like the Jalapeño Popper Burger {which I blogged here} and comforting Southern classics better than grandma’s. {Check! Check! Check!}

For those reasons and more, GAS is a family favorite. When they rolled out their new menu, our 8 year old insisted we make sure their ooey-gooey macaroni and cheese was still available. Hubby and I decided it was time for a date night! Somehow, GAS improved their already fab menu without cutting the best of the old.

While we read over the new offerings, Brittany brought their classic deviled eggs to hold us over:

GAS Deviled Eggs
Every meal at GAS begins with a plate of their classic deviled eggs. They’re healthier than a bread course and the perfect thing to whet your palate for the delish experience to come!

When Brittany asked if we’d be ordering appetizers, Hubby and I looked at each other and grinned. Of course we’d be ordering an app!! GAS’ Reuben Rolls are hard to pass up. Molten swiss cheese, kraut and corned beef are cocooned in crisp egg rolls- these don’t even need the Russian dip that comes on the plate. Six in an order means there are enough to share… but you may not want to!

Reuben Rolls GAS St Augustine
Reuben Rolls… worth fightin’ for.

For those who have steered clear of GAS in the past in search of healthier fare, stop by to tank up soon. New additions to the menu include vegetarian and light options such as grilled portabellos, jerk chicken over beans & rice, a tofu entree and fresh fish.

We ignored those. LOL

I was 9 months pregnant and it was cold outside… I perused the menu for something filling and comforting. I ordered the Southern Fried Chicken Pot Pie Biscuit:

Chicken Pot Pie GAS St Augustine
Behold the aforementioned Southern Fried Chicken Pot Pie Biscuit!

Remember requirement #3 in the Great Restaurant Quest? The food has to be better than I cook at home. I don’t cook biscuits or fried chicken, so GAS had a leg up on me here. The chicken was perfectly tender & moist while the breading was crisp and just altogether heavenly. The pot pie gravy compliments the chicken beautifully. I only ate a few bites of biscuit and even took half my chicken home with me. That’s the problem with being 9 months pregnant… always hungry but not too much room in the tummy! Nothing went to waste, though, leftovers were great the next day!

Hubby didn’t have much of his left. Being a hunter who loves wild game, he chose the Venison. The Wild Boar Ribs were tempting but they were out.

Venison Chop GAS St Augustine
Venison Rib Chop over Porcini Gravy

I remain surprised how different the flavor of the venison is from what we eat at home. Farm raised venison is milder and a bit more tender- add the knowledgeable preparation of the GAS team and you have a dish that’s appealing to all palates. Hubby preferred to eat it without the porcini gravy- saying the gravy overpowered the clean & slightly gamey taste he loves in venison. I preferred it with the gravy as I think it complements the venison and minimizes the gamey flavor. You’ll have to comment below with how you prefer it! Oh, one last thought before we move to dessert… their mashed potatoes are off the chain. Ohmygracious. Delish.

You may be tempted to fill up on dinner and skip dessert. Not a good idea. GAS makes their sweets in house- from the caramel sea salt brownie to cheesecakes {lemon blackberry! Milk Stout Oreo!} to peanut butter pie and beer floats… you’ll be glad you boxed the rest of dinner and made room for dessert.

GAS Chocolate Almond Pie
GAS’ Chocolate Almond Pie is locally famous. It reminds me of a dense bread pudding… fun and different from desserts elsewhere.

My hubby has always enjoyed GAS’ craft beer selection. They’ve recently added 10 taps and stock brews such as Duke’s Brown Ale from Jacksonville’s Bold City Brewery. Local craft beer afficionados who have fallen in love with GAS’ comfort food may consider attending one of GAS’ Beer Dinners for a fun, new local dining experience {six courses paired with six beers, usually around $65}.

It is located just over the Bridge of Lions- it is walkable from downtown and parking is free. However you get there, Don’t pass GAS.

GAS Full Service Restaurant St Augustine

GAS Full Service Restaurant
9 Anastasia Boulevard
open for lunch & dinner
Closed Mondays
(904) 217-0326

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