Gaufre’s & Goods Polish Restaurant

When a cold February day had us all chilled to the bone, I knew the perfect place to warm up… Gaufre’s & Goods Restaurant on Aviles Street. I was excited to share this hearty, comforting cuisine with my children and now with you!

You’ll find Gaufre’s & Goods on the nation’s oldest street- Aviles. Walking down the brick-paved street boasting cafes with outdoor dining, we felt as if we were exploring Europe’s treasures and were reminded again why we love St. Augustine!

Gaufre’s & Goods advertises themselves as a Polish and Greek restaurant. Ben ordered the Greek Special (small Greek Salad, spinach pie & 2 grape leaves $12.95) for lunch and really enjoyed the abundance of feta.

I was all about trying the Polish foods- a cuisine I’m not at all familiar with. We ordered several things & enjoyed a tasting experience starting with Borsch– beet soup with a mushroom-filled dumpling ($4.95). It was a hit! 5 out of 6 children liked it… that’s impressive for beets!

Tables are set for 2-4 people. We pulled 2 circular tables together for our party of 7 and made do. The owner was very friendly and accomodating! We enjoyed a bit of “I Spy” as we waited for the next course- discovering an old coffee mill, unique bottles, food stuffs and art (some for sale).

When lunch arrived, it was worth the wait! We shared the Taste of Poland (4 pierogies + bigos– hunter’s stew- on a roll + 1 cup borsch $13.95). The bigos is made of smoked meats… reminiscent of sloppy joes or a pulled pork sandwich but not as sweet. The pierogies we sampled were topped with caramelized onions – I loved the extra flavor these onions added! I had tried pierogies with a food tour over the summer and found them bland… I left this experience with a completely different opinion!

The same thing is true for the Pyzy (potato dumplings 8.75)- what I deemed “plain” and “unseasoned” over the summer I now called warm and comforting. Clara enjoyed cutting them in half so we could sample & share the 6 dumplings between us.

We were almost full but made sure to save room for dessert. A piece of chocolate-dipped baklava ($5.50) gave homage to the Greek side of Gaufre’s & Goods menu and was tasty! The children liked its sweet crunch and it was large enough for each of us to try a bite.

I was waiting to try a gaufre – waffle- pronounced “goff”. At $5.50, it was a good thing this is more than a Waffle House breakfast. In fact, we were told that in Poland waffles are always dessert- never breakfast! These were “Belgian style”… but not. Because its a Polish restaurant. LOL We ordered one with powdered sugar and another with nutella.

They also offer strawberries, bananas and other tasty toppings (extra toppings are .50 each) but we wanted to be authentic and eat it while we walked down the street, so we kept ours simple.

As we strolled back to our car, nutella dripping down our arms and smeared across our faces, we shared one of those rare laughs when something is appreciated by the 2 year old as & 14 year old in the same way as by mamma! It was beautifully messy- just like our life!

Gaufre’s & Goods promises home-cooked goodness and a fun “slow food” experience. Stop by, enjoy a gaufre and say hi from Simply!

Gaufre’s & Goods ~ A Greek & Polish Restaurant Cafe
9 A&B Aviles Street


  1. patricia kutyna says

    It’s nice to hear of a Polish restaurant in St Augustine.

  2. dj big dre says

    Went there twice. Pan fried pierogies were on point both times.
    Service was excellent. Stop in and enjoy!

  3. craig kubik says

    Great food and service!

  4. Dru Nugent says

    My husband and I found this reastaurant a few years ago. We always get the perogies and stuffed cabbage. Always great. Then if we aren’t stuffed it’s the waffle with just a dusting of powdered sugar.
    We try to make it here at least twice during our winter stay in St. Augustine.

    • says

      I can see why this gem would be a favorite for you! 🙂 They have a new location this year on the other side of the block- larger! You’ll love it! ~Allie O.

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