Georgie’s Diner

St. Augustine has a diner that all the locals know but only some tourists stumble upon. Georgie’s Diner is instantly recognizable as you drive down Malaga Street and just like diners across the nation, they serve breakfast all day plus a hodgepodge of American classics. The bonus at Georgie’s? They offer Greek specialties as well- but you have to know which ones to order.

A classic diner with a classic menu- Georgie’s Diner is across from San Sebastian Winery.

We’ve been enjoying Georgie’s for years. My favorite dish is the Greek Omelet at breakfast (mmm… I love all that feta!). On our last visit, most of us ordered from the dinner menu.

We started with onion rings.

There were enough in the basket for all 7 of us in the corner booth to dip 3 or 4 in our respective pools of ketchup. These aren’t the hand-battered variety, but they were hot & crisp and kept the kiddos happy while we waited for dinner.

Georgie’s is one of three restaurants owned by the Chryssaidis family. I love Athena Restaurant and think Cafe Alcazar serves one of the best lunches in town! Since the family’s roots are in Greece (they even make their own olive oil there!), we decided to order from the Greek portion of the menu.

Lauren and Timothy ordered the Lamb Souvlaki with fries ($10.50). They loved it. The traditional tzatziki sauce complimented the lamb beautifully. Centuries of tradition prove their wisdom again!

I was not so lucky. I was very excited to see Mousaka ($11.95) on the menu. I love Athena Restaurant’s Mousaka and anticipated the dish of tender eggplant, seasoned beef and creamy mashed potatoes. Instead of tender eggplant, mine was charred to a crisp- I couldn’t even slice through the eggplant with a knife!

My mousaka’s eggplant was burned to a hardened plank. I’ll stick with Athena Restaurant when I long for this Greek comfort food.

Our waitress took my plate back to the kitchen with apologies. When she returned with another serving, my Mousaka’s eggplant base had been replaced with overcooked penne pasta. I guess the whole pan was unsalvageable & chef was trying to be creative. I nibbled the mashed potato end of the mousaka but was disappointed… the eggplant is what makes this dish so special! Without it, my dinner was more like my southern grandma’s goulash than a hearty Greek staple. Nice try, sir, but next time just fess up and I’ll order the Greek Omelet as my replacement and leave happy instead of hungry.

None of my kiddos left hungry. Andrew had his heart set on french toast and his eyes lit up when this arrived:

He ate every bite! We also had a plate of pancakes (the littles said they were good). In fact, we had more plates than would fit at our table… but with 6 kiddos, that’s not an uncommon experience.

Georgie’s Diner is a great choice for breakfast and most other dishes (grilled cheese, reuben sandwich, burgers) are predictable diner fare. We never have to wait for a table and service is friendly if not speedy. But if you’re there for dinner and the Greek menu looks tempting, order with care… or just stick with the Greek Omelet then hit Athena Restaurant another night!

Georgie’s Diner
100 Malaga Street
(904) 819-9006
7 am – 9 pm Sunday – Thursday
7 am – 10 pm Fridays & Saturdays



  1. Julie says

    Hi- I agree about breakfast and recently wrote a tripadvisor review singing their praises. Have also enjoyed lunch, but haven’t tried dinner yet. Most impressive is the cleanliness. I dare anyone to find a cleaner restaurant in St Aug. Love it!

  2. Jen says

    We’ve been there 3 times and had to leave once. Twice with my family and the service was poor and the food beyond diner typical. Ugh, gross. I could have made better food. If you are looking for a good yummy hearty breakfast and meals head to Vermont!!! Miss Lyndonville Diner is superb!!! Actually fantastic!!!

    • says

      Vermont!?! I think we can find some places to wow you a little closer. 😉

  3. Jenny says

    You have spiked my interests Mrs. O!!! We have past the “Silver Bullet” restaurant A LOT, but I have always been weary to stop and nibble at their menu. Breakfast sounds awesome at anytime 😉

  4. says

    I love eating at Georgie’s!

    As a licensed tour guide in St Augustine, I always get asked for recommendations to places that I personally would eat at. For breakfast, I always highly recommend Georgie’s and my tours usually always end up at the Alcazar Cafe to show off this lunch time gem.

    Although I have never eaten dinner at Georgie’s, I must say that every breakfast and lunch I have ever had there was fantastic. My wife is addicted to the Greek omelet! Big thumbs up! Great food and service!

  5. Lisa Hill says

    We went there about a month ago and my husband ordered their Pastitsio and it was excellent; plated nicely and cooked perfectly. I ordered my fave, their lamb and beef gyro and it too was done right. It remains one of our hometown favorites.

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