Hot Shot Bakery

I met Sherry Stoppelbein at a Women’s Food Alliance event when her meatloaf beat mine in a cook-off. Now that I’ve eaten in her restaurant and seen shelves lined with awards and honors for best chowder, best Datil Pepper sauce, best… best… best… I see I stood no chance. Fortunately, you can enjoy her art -which is making any meal amazing- at local Hot Shot Bakery which faces Lightner Museum’s plaza.

Here’s a virtual visit to hold you over… When you first walk in, you’ll meet Sherry and some of her team:

Sherri, left, with Hot Shot Bakery cook Elizah Smith.

A long counter is all that separates you from the open kitchen, which hugs the left wall half the length of the restaurant. You can sit at the bar or choose a table. I stood at the counter and chatted with a regular patron and the cooks for a while then made my way to a table with a cheery mug and a great view of the plaza.

Fresh flowers fill the window boxes outside, top the tables inside and welcome hungry locals, Flagler students & tourists.

I’ll need to go back several times (or once with all the kids) to taste our way through the menu. After hemming & hawing, I went with Sherry’s suggestion of Pumpkin Waffles topped with homemade caramel sauce and bananas. Eggs over home fries were tempting ($7.50) but the pumpkin waffles called me from the seasonal special board.

When Sherry brought the plate out, I knew I’d made the right decision. Crisp waffles stood up to the drenching of perfectly sweet caramel sauce and pecan pieces added crunch after the sauce soaked into the waffles.

Hot Shot Bakery serves breakfast all day but if I’m there around lunch time, I think I’ll go for the Reuben or Vegetarian Panini (both $6.50) – Red pepper pesto, provolone, goat cheese, avocado, and tomato make that veggie panini sound like a sandwich worth exploring!

I was there for breakfast, so I didn’t check out the bakery case on this visit. When our whole family visited, we had some cookies to calm down the heat of the chocolate dipped pepper. Timothy & I took the WALL OF FLAME challenge and whooo-eee! It’s hot!

About the bakery part of Hot Shot Bakery… The case is filled with freshly baked goodies daily- don’t even think about asking if it’s made elsewhere. Everything from the coffee syrups to the baked goods to the award-winning datil hot sauce is made in house. Sherry constantly tweaks her menu to ensure everything is both unique and affordable.

Whether you’re looking for breakfast at 2:00 pm, a freshly baked cookie, or an award-winning bowl of Minorcan chowder made by someone with Minorcan heritage, now you know where to go!

Hot Shot Bakery
8 Granada Street
(904) 824-7898

The law requires that I tell you I enjoyed a waffle on the house. Long time readers know that all opinions here are my honest to goodness own. Y’all will enjoy Hot Shot! 

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