Ice Plant Bar – the coolest hangout in town

Rough hewn plank walls.  Guys in suspenders & dolls with ruby red lips.  Everything made to order…  Step inside the new St. Augustine Bar Ice Plant Dining & Vintage Bar and experience how a drink should be made, how food should taste and why St. Augustine’s dining scene is not about to cool off.

I was in town for meetings and some work time.  Wi-Fi can be hard to find in St. Augustine, so I often end up at the library or Kookaburra Coffee to work.  But after The Florida Room’s iced coffee in the afternoon, I decided to forego another dose of caffeine.

Ended up at Ice Plant.

best. decision. ever.

More words later… but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves first:

Hand-cut fries & homemade ketchup? Yes, please!
Uniquely shaped ice and gorgeous glassware make each cocktail like a little present… you never know what you’re going to get!
The new kid in town, Ice Plant is packed on Friday nights.
Not just for garnishes! Ice Plant’s menu is farm-to-table fresh!
Smart. Very smart. Outlets are easy to find & wi-fi is free. Instagram away, my lovelies!
Coming Soon: St. Augustine will soon boast a distillery!!

There is so much right at Ice Plant.  I love the ambiance, the creative menu and the seamless fusion of vintage and progressive.  We’re double dating with friends this week… now that they’ve been open a few weeks and had some time to work out grand opening jitters.

– closing time –

Ice Plant Dining & Vintage Bar
110 Riberia Street


  1. Gloria Wilson says

    Honestly, this place is sophisticated, chic but casual at the same time. It drew out a slice of humanity that I knew had to be here in St. Augustine but had never seen before. I honestly hope the tourist buses don’t find it any time soon. Sorry, Rich, but I like it being a slightly kept secret. We had the hambergers and they were great.

  2. says

    The Ice Plant Bar was a fabulous discovery for me and my wife in our most recent visit to St. Augustine. We had just completed a tour of St. Augustine Distillery and headed upstairs to have lunch. We both had a delightful lunch and just loved the atmosphere of this place. I am still bragging about how good my fish tacos were. This is a classy place to check out in St. Augustine’s Old Town.

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