Kookaburra Coffee

I’ve written about Kookaburra {and another mention here when I met with St Augustine’s 450}but I haven’t done a Kookaburra post yet.  There’s no time like the present, so here’s the scoop!

Kookaburra is my favorite coffee shop in St. Augustine.  No contest!  Spencer and Meg are the friendly owners and I’ve loved every cup of locally roasted, Bold Bean coffee I’ve ordered.  My summer fave was the Coconut Latte… but now that it’s winter, I’m forcing myself try some other flavors… like the the Hot Chocolate Bar Meg rolls out on Nights of Lights weekends.  Expect the best, richest, dark chocolatiest hot chocolate in St Augustine- and any topping you could dream is available for your scooping & sprinkling pleasure!

In this laid-back vacation town, it can be hard to find a cup of coffee early in the morning.  Many shops in downtown St. Augustine sleepily open doors between 10 and noon- but Kookaburra is reliably serving bold brews at 7:30 every morning!  Go ahead up the steps and into the lil’ cafe.

The case when you first walk in has freshly baked sweet treats and aussie pies.  I haven’t eaten here often, so you’ll have to comment below with your favorites.  I always walk over to the bulletin board and read local announcements while Spencer or Meg steam up a warm cup of deliciousness.

Oh- if you need a quick snack (chips, fountain drink, etc) they have that covered, too, in the kiosk next door.  Pop in and tell them I said “hi!”
The Kookaburra
24 Cathedral – it’s on the Plaza!


  1. Annie Parker says

    Great Aussie meat pies!
    From an Expatriot Aussie in St Augustine.

  2. says

    I so want to go here sometime soon! Seems as everytime we try we never make it over to it! Looks really neat! Also want to try Bold Bean in Jaxs Beach! I love your blog BTW! Its so informational! I just love it!!!

    • says

      I have heard Bold Bean has some zany combinations (grapefruit & basil latte, anyone?) but haven’t made it over for those. If you beat me there, let me know what you try! ~Allie O

    • says

      Thanks! Glad to make you smile.

      Kook has a 2nd location now off 312… that one may be easier for you to do a drive-by! Do it and tell them howdy from me! 🙂

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