Leap into Savings! (Restaurant.com certificates are only $2 today!)

HAPPY LEAP DAY!!!  In honor of Leap Day, my kids & I are leap-frogging around the house and learning a bit about the calendar.  Also in honor of Leap Day, Restaurant.com is offering $25 gift certificates to a lot of great St. Augustine Restaurants for only $2!!  {click on the banner & type in your zip- 32084 is downtown St. Aug}

Restaurant.com Weekly Promo Offer 468 x 60

St. Augustine Restaurant.com restaurants that won’t dissapoint:

Live in Jacksonville? Orlando? New York? You can find restaurants in your area, too.  Use one of your new certificates to celebrate Leap Day!!  But you may not want to leap frog in public…

Someone asked about the discount- when you type in the code LEAP today (2/29/12), your shopping cart will show the adjusted price before you *finish* checkout.

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