Macaroni and Cheese Taste-off

A friend and I were kicking around ideas for dinner plans. Both of our husbands were away and we figured a night off from kitchen duty was in order. We decided to go to St. Augustine and track down the best Macaroni and Cheese… with our combined 10 children… who range from 7 months to twenty-something. That’s normal, right?

I dubbed our quest BO Mac-n-doto or, the inaugural event of the Brown Olsen Mac-n-Doodle Taste-Off. Because life is short and eating dinner should be fun. Want to join us? Read on… #whybenormal #bestmomever

st augustine macaroni and cheese taste off

To formalize this BO Mac-n-doto macaroni and cheese taste-off, I am sharing our standards here so that all future tastings are upheld to the same strict standards of excellence as last night’s were… my 5 year old’s tastes. We will henceforth evaluate all “Mac-n-Doodle tastings” on the following:

  • Appearance – Was this scooped from a large pre-made pan and plopped in a bowl or did they at least try to make it look like they made it just for us?
  • Temperature – This may seem like a no-brainer… but was the macaroni and cheese hot or merely we-didn’t-reheat-it-long-enough warm?
  • Texture – From mushy noodles to plastic-y cheese, we’ll evaluate texture and share.
  • Seasonings – Too peppery? Not salty enough? Or maybe, “Geez, this would be great if they’d just put some cheese in it!” No holds barred here!
  • Taste – Overall, how’d it taste?

Since we weren’t sure where to go, I asked you, my passionate and unbiased fan base {Simply St. Augustine facebook fans, represent!} for suggestions. Here’s the list. I’ll cross the places off as we try them. If you have more to add, comment with the place and what’s so amazing about their macaroni and cheese! Oh, it became a chicken finger taste off as well… so you can put that on the list also.

The Best Macaroni and Cheese in St. Augustine Taste Off

  • Mojo’s BBQ
  • Harry’s
  • GAS Full Service Restaurant
  • Bonez
  • Meehan’s Irish Pub
  • Woodpecker’s Backyard BBQ
  • BlackFly’s Lobster Mac & Cheese
  • Bull & Crown Pub Lobster Mac & Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese Taste Off RESULTS in Pictures
– highest rated are at the top –

1. Mojo’s BBQ

Mojo’s will surely not end up #1 in the city, we all agreed it was about a 6 on a 1-10. It was the Velveeta flavor, inconsistent toppings & poor presentation that knocked the score down. So #1 because it’s the best of the two we’ve “officially” tried so far.

Mojo's Macaroni and Cheese
The first plate to come out of Mojo’s kitchen looked like they were in a hurry to get us out of there. I can’t imagine why! I mean, a table of 12 ordering Mac & Cheese is every restauranteur’s delight! 😉 But seriously… sloppy presentation of the mac & cheese! *gasp*
Mojos Mac and Cheese
Another dish, which came out at the same time, got some of the crusty breadrumb topping. So apparently this one was served earlier… the previous dish must have been the last in the pan. We all agreed this was a 6 on the 1-10 scale. We were a mixed batch on the chicken. I liked how moist it was, others didn’t like how the breading fell off and that it was quite peppery but slightly undersalted and bites without the breading (which were plentiful since it kept falling off) were bland.

2. Harry’s

Harry’s should not be considered #2 Mac & Cheese in St. Augustine. It should be considered the last on the list. It’ll surely fall below whatever else we try. Surely.

Harry's Seafood
Stop 2: Harry’s, bless their hearts. Y’all know I love Harry’s for a lot of things. I do NOT love them for their macaroni & cheese. Too much “american cheese product” and not enough “cheese”. Clara, who is used to having to eat what she’s served, said, “If we have this kind next time, can I only have 1 scoop?” I let her go straight to dessert.
Harry's Chicken Fingers
I KNOW not all families are raising their children to be foodies. I know it. And that’s fine. But REALLY?! It looks like they opened a bag from a drive through and dumped it on the plate! This gets an actual “0” on the presentation rating scale. I don’t think I should be a kids’ meal critic… no one would like me.

Ok, foodie friends. Hook me up with a better list! If I didn’t mention your favorite Mac & Cheese in town, comment with that place so we can make this taste-off very thorough!


  1. Helen says

    Very interesting. Looking forward to more reviews.

    • says

      If you’ve tried any and found a favorite, let me know! 🙂 Allie O.

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