MBQue Smoke St Augustine Barbeque

MBQue Smoke… it was long awaited. Well, at least it was by me. I’m a big M Shack Jacksonville fan and have delicious memories at Restaurant Medure in Ponte Vedra. To have a Medure restaurant in St. Augustine where I can get the Super Kale Salad, great burgers and some delicious, house-smoked BBQ makes me very happy, indeed!

MBQue Smoke

MBQue Smoke is the Medure brothers’ latest iteration of good food done right. The menu includes some M Shack favorites but MBQue doesn’t lean on past accomplishments. Their barbequed meats and Southern sides stand alone in a competitive BBQ town. Here- take a gander with me…

MBQue BBQ St Augustine
MBQue’s menu is straightforward… bbq, burgers, sides and salads. Craft beer and thick, hand spun shakes round out the offerings.

First, I love the clean, open feel of the restaurant. High top tables fill the bright space across from the bar and traditional tables are near the order station on the other side of the restaurant.

MBQue St Augustine

MBQue Smoke St Augustine

We were prepared to hold Wesley in our laps when we saw the height of the tables, but MBQue Smoke thought of everything… there is a crazy-tall high chair for little ones! There is only one for now, so you’ll have to duke it out with other baby mammas, grab a picnic table out by the busy road or find a short table nearby. LOL

High Chair MBQue Smoke St Augustine
Wesley cheesin’ for the camera in his fancy, super-tall high chair.

The wait for lunch wasn’t long- fast casual service with extra smiles. Management was present and friendly when we first visited and paused for a chat when they brought our food over.

Although the menu is simple, it was hard to decide what to order for lunch. Hubby opted for the direct approach. He ordered the small Sliced Turkey {$6} and House Made Sausage {$5} no, you’re not crazy… there is no sausage in the below photo- they were out of the sausage for the day. Drat. So he went for an order of Beef Ribs {$14} instead. I don’t eat much pork so I am thrilled there is a beef rib option locally that is available every day. The meats come with a slice of Texas Toast. We added a couple of sides- Macaroni & Cheese and house stewed apple sauce for Wesley. I was tempted to try the baked beans, but our 9 year old, Andrew, is our baked bean aficionado so we waited for him.

MBQue Smoke BBQ Restaurant St Augustine
Man… editing this post is making me hungry!!

My Brisket Ciabatta {$12} came with 1 side- I chose sautéed fresh corn, which was tender, sweet and perfect. The sandwich itself was a tasty marriage of brisket, melty provolone and crisp bacon. MBQue Smoke’s Brisket Ciabatta comes with Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce but I like my barbeque wet so I added more. Each table has 6 sauces to slosh- after tasting each one, I settled on more Sweet Heat plus some original.

MBQue Smoke BBQ Sauces St Augustine
I honestly liked all the sauces- even the Anastasia Gold mustard based sauce (which I typically don’t love). Save the Tomato Vinaigrette for your salad.

Wesley is only 1.5 years old but he has a thing for sauces. He asked {well, actually, demanded} MBQue Smoke Original Que sauce on his macaroni and cheese. Lord help the parent who tried to feed the child a bite without visible BBQ sauce on the fork. LOL What a poor, love-starved seventh child. LOL I’m going to have to be careful that he doesn’t end up spoiled rotten. As for BBQ sauce on the Mac & Cheese… I’ve seen stranger combinations.

The macaroni and cheese definitely needs to be added to our Great St. Augustine Macaroni & Cheese Taste Off. It was good! Thick enough to stay on a toddler’s fork, it’s like the macaroni & cheese casserole I grew up with.

Babies love MBQue St Augustine

After we got Wesley squared away with his “mac-n-doodles”, it was time for Mamma to eat. I took the top bun off my brisket sandwich so I could really appreciate the texture of the crisp onion straws. I’ll definitely order this sandwich again- it’s a solid choice if you’re looking for a hand-held option.

MBQue Brisket St Augustine

We knew it’d be a stretch, but we ordered an ice cream sundae as well. I’m quite familiar with M Shack’s shakes {perhaps too familiar? hehe} but when I saw the Candied Pig Sundae, I had to find out for myself whether this is a marketing gimmick or a tasty treat.

Candied bacon, chocolate covered popcorn, candied pecans, caramel, whipped cream and a cherry… it’s fantastic! The bacon is crisp, not chewy, and the chocolate covered popcorn is a fun addition. I’m looking forward to future trips when we can try the banana cream pudding and Cowbell Sundae- not because I like ice cream that much but because it’s always fun to have an excuse to yell NEEDS MORE COWBELL!!!

MBQue Smoke Bacon Sundae

MBQue Smoke is a great, family-friendly addition to St. Augustine. It’s far enough outside “town” to keep peak tourist time lines from forming but close enough for savvy travelers to find their way there. Viva Barbeque! Viva St. Augustine!

MBQue Smoke
604 Anastasia Blvd.


  1. Sandy says

    Mike and I went here last night because your blog reminded me we hadn’t been yet (I just opened the computer this morning and this blog was still on the screen!) 🙂

    Thank you for always featuring our great local restaurants…it’s a huge help to visitors and locals alike!

    • says

      You’re ver welcome Sandy! What’d you have? I need to get back there w/Andrew to try the baked beans. 😉 ~Allie O

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