Meals under $10 in St. Augustine

There are a lot of reasons to love living in a tourist town. St. Augustine has some uh-ma-zing restaurants and all of our visitors sustain these local businesses! Hubby and I love exploring downtown on date nights. If you’re a foodie, you’ll definitely want to check out my post of can’t miss foodie experiences in St. Augustine and the post about dining through St. Augustine’s history.

Day in and day out, though, most of us can’t afford $40 lunches and $75 dinners. St. Augustine needs a list of affordable meals and I knew where to find all the local favorites… the Business Rant & Rave facebook page.

St Augustine Business Rant & Rave
Locals turn to Deane’s Business Rant & Rave page on facebook for the good, the bad & the ugly truth about local businesses.

12 hours after I asked for suggestions, I had 40 responses from long-time locals!! Below, read their recommendations. I hope this helps as you endeavor to eat well on a budget!! The top section are places I’ve reviewed. Click on the name of the restaurant to see my review.

  • $2 TACOS!?! WHAT?!? Nicholas wins best priced suggestion. Head to Back 40 for their Taco Happy Hour! Krista dittoed this suggestion, “5stars! Fresh and delicious!”
  • At $6.50, Karissa & Rosalyn come in 2nd for best priced suggestion- Head to the Spanish Bakery and order the “Soup Combo.” That’s any soup with a cookie, bread roll and a drink. She likes the Chicken & Rice!
  • Burger Buckets – Brandon suggests their Pizza Burger
  • Lynda says to order any wrap from CRAVE food truck. I tend to agree- the waterfront view & Andres’ friendly smile make this extra tempting!
  • Mandi suggests the “Pork Sammich” at Cafe Eleven.
  • Jason said Everything Bagel runs chalkboard specials at $7.50 all the time.
  • Carol suggests Cantina Louie for lunch $8.99 and less which includes drink! Food’s fabulous!
  • Amy Elizabeth says, “A1A Burrito Works Taco Shop — Mexican UFO with Shrimp — $9.95 and worth every cent.” Reno practically dittoed Amy’s comment, “Mexican UFO with fish from Burrito Works. I love them so much I seriously used to dream about them while I was away at school and couldn’t have one.”
  • Tropi-Cali Food Truck got several mentions. And I agree- their food is delish, fresh & affordable!
  • Cat is willing to splurge for the perfect sandwich at GAS. You could omit the fried green tomato and keep it under $10. “Single Cruiser and fries at Gas Full Service Restaurant. I add a fried green tomato though and that makes it over $10.”
  •  Cathy says you can eat at Columbia for under $10 if you order right. She goes with the “small 1905 salad with cup of Spanish bean soup for lunch at Columbia.”

Below are places I’ve never reviewed. I’m separating so I can see where I need to try next! All the restaurants above are links to my reviews. If you want more info on the ones below, google them. 🙂

  • Sara H. reminded me of one of St. Augustine’s best deals… Chianti room’s happy hour — 2 beers an a slice of cheese pizza for $6!
  • Brittney says check out “Cheezees Grill-any sandwich, they roast their own meats! Or they’re homemade soups, or their house salad!”
  • Pat endorses DeLeon’s pizza next to Epic movies. Lunch special = 2 slices + drink = $5.99
  • Bri gives 3 cheers for J.P Henley’s across from the Marina. “J.P. Henleys, sandwiches all at under $10 and no deep fryer in the building!”
  • Carol says Drake’s Deli… eat everything! Ricci agrees, “Any sandwich at Drakes Deli including chips, pickle and 25% tip = $10. Can’t decide if their cheesesteak or Reuben is my favorite. But Tammy Drake and company do a GREAT JOB.
  • Destiny works at Paula’s Beachside Grill and says the burgers are at or under $10. Here’s a photo she sent in:

Paulas Beachside Grill

  • Jennifer says, “Diane’s Market next to hobby lobby – chicken salad Sammy, cold brew coffee – there’s a choice of sides as well… Love their lunch counter – soups are awesome as well Im just not a soup person.. I like to eat a lot at one time so I go for the volume – but yes all under 10.00”
  • Marie orders “The Pick 2 at FLAVORS half salad half chicken sub hot 🙂 “
  • Nadia {who is an amazing Massage Therapist… magic hands, I tell ya. Her ad is over to your R… call her and your back will start feeling better now. LOL} Anyways, she says, “Wingin’ it. The food truck behind the art gallery Rembrandtz on king street. Awesome wings and yummy sandwiches!”
  • Joshua Simmons apparently works at Haszards. He says to go for their lunch special. “Sandwiches, side and drink for 6.99. I’m here every day. Pulled pork is the bomb.”
  • Laura orders off the kids menu at Mojo’s. “The kids portion at Mojo’s bbq is only like $7 and i can’t even finish it some days. I usually get pulled pork and mac and cheese, but I think it’s any meat and one side.”
  • Frederick & James both say to hit Nalu’s. Nalu’s is St. Augustine’s first food truck and they serve amazing fish tacos!
  • Susan voted, “Sandwiches at Smoothie Fresh. Really fresh veggies and high quality ingredients.”
  • Julie says to order the veggie omelet at Manatee Cafe. I always enjoy my meals at this veggie-friendly restaurant. They have delish veggie burritos!
  • Sandra tried Uptown Scratch Kitchen today. Awesome food!!
  • Several people recommended Ned’s Southside Kitchen. Ned’s is delish and affordable- comforting food at a comfortable price! I’ve been several times but see now that I’ve never posted about it… that’s not an intentional slight- we love Ned’s!!
  • Ryan was passionate about his suggestion, “MINORCAN MELT at PLANET! SARBEZ! 115 Anastasia Blvd 904-342-0632…whole wheat bread from Jacksonville, smoked mozzarella cheese from St. John’s food, MINORCAN datil vinegar sausage from STEWARTS market mixed with sauerkraut and a chipotle mayo!” It sounds like it’s worth the extra caps! I need to check it out!
  • Don says, “All of Osteens daily specials are under $10. Plus the 6 fresh fried shrimp and two sides are less than $10. Always great consistent food and service.”


  1. Destiny says

    It’s Paulas Beachside Grill not Cafe 🙂 but it’s okay. Just want to make sure everyone looks up the right place but thank you so much! Come see us soon!

  2. Gabe says

    Most of the menu at Mardi Gras Sports Bar is under $10 and they now open everyday at Noon for lunch!

  3. Chris says

    How about old city Subs .. All delicious sandwiches are fairly priced.. A sandwich ,chips and a drinknusually run $7 ..

  4. Dawn says

    Jut an FYI: De Leon’s Pizza on Wed after 4pm has $1 slice or $8 for a whole large cheese pie…New York style slices so huge you fold them in half to eat them…..Have never ever had a bad experience there !!!!!!

    • says

      That’s a great deal!!! Thanks for sharing!! My hubby gave up looking for legit NY Pizza… he’ll be happy to try this. 🙂

      • says

        Tony’s Pizzeria (In the old Moultrie Publix shopping center where Spanky’s used to be) is my favorite new find! Apparently the owners are from New York and he has been making pizzas since he was 12! They know me as the” Calzone and Canoli Lady” . . . lol . . . the Calzone is soooooo good, and it is so huge you HAVE to have leftovers. Which, the leftovers work out great because they taste even better reheated in the toaster oven! Your husband will LOVE it, and tell them the Calzone and Canoli lady sent you in! LOL By the way . . . the Calzone and Canoli with tax are $9 and change. (They make the canoli filling from scratch too . . . so so good. I am thinking dinner tonight . . AGAIN this week!!!!)
        PS. Everything is homemade there too! Even the salad dressing, which is delicious!

        • says

          I’ll have to check it out- my hubby loves a good calzone!! Thanks Allison! ~Allie O

  5. Cyndi says

    Red Rabbit eatery on SR16, unique homemade soups, fresh salads and patty sandwiches. Check out the Facebook page

  6. Dave says

    Heard about Cheezees grill today on here and decided to try it out the food was fantastic fresh made and the owner at the counter told me that they just reopened after a huge renovation

    • says

      Thanks for sharing, Dave! I still haven’t made it there yet! So little time, so much deliciousness… 😉 ~Allie O

  7. says

    The Oak Room Restaurant and Lounge located inside the new DoubleTree hotel offer great lunch specials! Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with your choice of side and a drink for $8.00! Also the Fish Tacos and Grouper Ruben are pretty fantastic!

    • says

      Great addition, Victoria! We’ve eaten there three times and had a fantastic experience each time. Thanks! ~Allie O

  8. Bob says

    Mi Carnal on U.S. 1 south a couple blocks on the left past Walmart. The chorizo tacos and the homemade tamales are the best of any… yes, any Mexican style food place. If you want Americana Mexican go elsewhere, you want authentic go here. I’ve eaten in the barrios of So. Cal , lived in Caracas, eaten in Guatemala, and of course traveled in Mexico. Try it.

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