Meehan’s Irish Pub & Seafood House

** Update: New chef + management = whole new experience! Here’s an updated review of Meehan’s Irish Restaurant**

I go to Meehan’s Irish Pub & Seafood House for the view.  Period.

What?  You want more?!  Well- you may be disappointed in what I have to say… but here goes nothing.  We went to Meehan’s for a late lunch after doing the Alligator Farm zip line course.  I was grateful for the large, cool glass of water and the gorgeous breeze coming in off the bay.

I quickly decided on a Reuben ($9).  After working out at 8:00 that morning and doing the gator farm’s obstacle course and eating lunch late, I was hungry!!!  I subbed out a salad for my side dish (for a $1 upcharge… wait… just noticed on my receipt he charged me that $1 upcharge twice!  what what!) knowing it’d be a healthy start and I’d get it quickly…

… or not.  Lunch took a while to arrive and my salad came out with my sandwich.  Boo.

I ditched healthy and went straight for the sandwich!!  It was generously piled with all the usuals and I eagerly reached for the first half.  It fell apart in my hands.  I guess it sat on the counter for a while before I got it because while the top piece of marbled rye was crisp, the bottom piece of bread was soaked through with 1,000 Island Dressing and disintegrated in my hands.  I love 1,000 Island Dressing but I do prefer it on my sandwich, not on my fingers.

I did enjoy the “sandwich sans bread”.  It was so stacked with corned beef & sauerkraut that I only ate half!  Very generous serving!

Chris ordered the Guinness Beef Slider ($8 + $4 for the mashed taters side).  The menu said he’d be getting, “Irish Stout braised Beef Brisket topped with Crispy Onions and roasted Wild Mushrooms on grilled Garlic Rolls.”

He was served a generous amount of crispy onions beside the 3 sliders (sorry the picture doesn’t show all the onion rings- he had already eaten some & moved the rest so you could see the sliders!  They were piled high!!).  Again, this entree was disappointing.  Chris said the meat was dry {umm… “as a shoelace” were his actual words to me} and asked for a side of BBQ sauce to help it out.  The server quickly brought some but said he had to charge .50  for BBQ sauce (we were then charged $1).  Really?!  I mean, I expect to pay for sauce at Burger King… but that’s not the norm around town at nice places.  In fact, when we ate at Gourmet Hut they poured one of each salad dressing for us to taste without me even asking!

The portions were generous again.  If you’re a quantity over quality person, Meehan’s will make you swoon!!

When we were heading out, a Beer Tower arrived at the table next to us.  I overheard the server say you save on drinks when ordering this vs individual steins.  The friendly couple let me snap a shot of them living it up- great view, cold beer… they were happy!

I have to say- Meehan’s location is amazing.  They offer upstairs and downstairs patio seating as well as tables inside with great views of the river.  I’m so glad they capitalize on the view!!  And I know many people love the food- I don’t mean to be hard on them- but as a foodie, I was disappointed.

Now I know.  If I want a great Reuben, I’ll head over to Ann O’Malley’s and if I’m in the mood for really good Irish food, I’ll hit Barley Republic.  But for days we want to relax by the water, Meehan’s fits the bill.  {Speaking of bill- I’ll check mine before leaving next time!}

If I go back and have a totally different experience, I’ll update this post.  Maybe we caught them at a bad time.  But I won’t be hurrying back for dinner…

Meehan’s Irish Pub
1 Block South of the Fort
20 Avenida Menendez

** Update: New chef + management = whole new experience! Here’s an updated review of Meehan’s Irish Restaurant**


  1. Teresa says

    We went there on one of the walking ghost tours. It’s the first time a bartender didn’t know what a Cape Cod was. They were packed that night but a Cape Cod is a very common bar drink. 2 ingredients. I still don’t know what I got but it had grapefruit juice in it (which I can’t have because of blood pressure meds) so I took it back. The bartender was very accomodating and apologized. Just wasn’t too impressed overall with the place. Might try them for lunch next time and see how that goes. You’re right the view is awesome.

    • says

      Crazy! That’s like not knowing how to make a rum & coke! 😉

  2. william says

    Terrible service. Twice visited establishment. First visit took bartender 10 minutes to come see me qnd my wife (he was to engaged in conversation with a friend). Second visit it was later in the night around 10ish. We decided to go in and get apps and drinks. No one in sight. Bartender was out front smoking and talking with friends again. After 10 minutes of this we left.
    it seems they are only in it for the tourist. Great view you say. All of st. Agustine is a great view. Service and atmosphere is the ticket. As a life long local there has only been a few places that i can recall that this place gives in terms of caring at all and service. Management must be absent or just does not care what staff does. They should know that the tourist may never be back but us locals can return 100’s of times there after.

    • says

      Good to know. I was concerned I was being too hard on them. So sorry your evening was even worse than our lunch!

  3. says

    I LOVE the review- I too LOVE a great Reuben sandwich- I try not to eat meat but the reuben is my favorite sandwich ever!! (That and a REAL Philly cheesesteak) – we would probably not put this place on the top of our list the next time we get up to St. Augustine- so thank you!! I am going to go through the blog now and see what you have thought about the place called Crackers(?) in the main shopping strip- keep up the good work!!

    • says

      I haven’t been to Crackers in FOREVER. The ambience doesn’t draw me in nor do the reviews by other locals… if you beat me there let me know how it is!!

      Have the Reuben at Barley Republic or Ann O’Malley’s… they’re waaaay better. 🙂

  4. Becky Burney says

    My husband and I will be in the area for the 4th. I was looking for a great place to enjoy the fireworks, but avoid the crowds. What do you think of this as that option? Thanks.

  5. Chef Paul says

    I am so sorry you had a bad experience. I am the New Chef there. Please come back and let me make it up to you, We make everything Fresh nothing Frozen also if you love Curry Please let me cook for you. We have taken each step to make a great experience for our Patrons and there is no excuse for bad service and bad food. I do not expect that from my staff nor my kitchen, I promise you a great experience and great food. Please come in and ask for me and i will personally cook your food and make sure you will rave about our place. Thank you

    • says

      Chef Paul- I may take you up on that. I respect you tons for replying. 🙂 ~Allie O

      • Chef Paul says

        Thank you Allie i would love to change your view on our restaurant. We try to make it like it is our house not a corporate attraction. In this saying we are always open for ways to make it better. Yes it can be crazy on Sat night with 400 people eating drinking. Please come in ask for me and let me see if we can make a great review and smiling faces!

      • Chef Paul says

        Thank you Allie look forward to it

  6. Dru N. says

    When we ladies go to St. George St. to shop, the hubbies go to Meehans for a few beers. Then we usually head somewhere else for dinner. Great place for the husbands to sit, have a few beers and take in the view. Of course if we shop all day, they prefer to stay home. Lol

    • says

      What a place for a couple of beers! Have they been since the upstairs was transformed into an oyster bar? ~Allie O

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