Mellow Mushroom St Augustine

Whether you’re in Asheville, North Carolina or Portland, Oregon or St. Augustine, Mellow Mushroom somehow manages to keep the feel of a “local place.” I’ve nibbled & noshed pizzas across the globe but what I found in St. Augustine really did rock my world!

Flavor and experience is what dinner out is all about to me. The tasty Spinach Artichoke Dip arrived before the girls even finished their placemats! No one had time time to whine, “Moooom, I’m huuuuungry!” That’s great service!

My hubby, on the other hand, judges a restaurant by its beer selection. Mellow Mushroom impressed us there, too!

Of course there was Bud Light and Sam Adams, but the unique and local beers on tap deserve a mention! Locally brewed lightweights by Mile Marker are joined by Jacksonville’s Bold City brews, Tampa’s Cigar City and Dogfish Head favorites, just to name a few.

Also, the walls are covered with randomness making for an excellent game of Eye Spy with the kiddies. Sorry to sound like an advertisement… but the St. Augustine Mellow Mushroom does everything phenomenally well.

Mellow Mushroom’s signature murals appear in St. Augustine featuring Spanish explorers. The rest of the restaurant’s decor is clean and full of memorabilia without being cluttered.

Okay- about the food. Cesar Salad = freshly shaved cheese, light and crispy croutons, tasty dressing. Yum.

But THIS is the reason I’m in love with Mellow Mushroom: The Holy Shiitake Pie is uh-ma-zing. Garlic, mushrooms, sweet caramelized onions and the amazing, heady flavor of truffle oils… I could eat this every day. And they offer it on a gluten-free crust for the same price as a medium pie so everyone can leave happy.

Feast your eyes on THIS: The Holy Shiitake Pie

Hubby loves calzones, so he tried their Cheese Calzone. After that shiitake amazingness, I found plain cheese to be a bit boring but Hubby preferred it over the layered flavors of my pie. Different strokes for different folks!

As if Mellow Mushroom wasn’t awesome enough for their delish flavors {intense pizza pie or plain ole calzone, pick your poison}, quick and friendly service and great selection of beer, they also have a GIANT SPARKLEY CHICKEN on their porch:

There are no words for how much quirky fun can be had with a bunch of happy I-just-ate-pizza-til-I-was-stuffed kids and a giant sparkly chicken. If you need a decent beer selection, a great pizza or a photo with a giant chicken or a mushroom conquistador, Mellow Mushroom St. Augustine is your place!!

Mellow Mushroom St. Augustine
410  Anastasia  Boulevard

(904) 826-4040
Hours: Sun – Wed 11am to 12am, Thurs – Sat 11am to 1:30am



  1. Kathy says

    Love Mellow Mushroom. Ditto to everything you said and the sparkly chicken is pretty cool!!

  2. Steve Melching says

    Aw man, you have got me setting my GPS for this place !

    Double YUM !

  3. JennT says

    You picked both my favorites to feature! Love the weekend live music here to and the community minded owners!!! Lets Be Mellow together!

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