Need a night out? How about dinner for $3 ?!

Do you need a break from holiday cooking?  Desperate for a gift for that person who has everything? You can buy a $25 gift certificate this weekend only for $3!!! Weekly Promo Offer 468 x 60

I’ve found some of my favorite St. Augustine Restaurants through… that’s how I tried this delish empanada appetizer at Casa Maya!

Another favorite St. Augustine restaurant, Bistro de Leon, participates.  Chef Poinard was invited to New York City two weeks ago to prepare a specil meal at the James Beard Foundation House… what an honor!  For $3, you can buy a $25 gift certificate and enjoy a delicious meal!  If you need a light dessert after his delicious cooking, try the fruit tart.

Bistro de Leon Fruit Tart

St. Augustine restaurants that won’t dissapoint: 

Of course, check out the details- some restaurants require a minimum purchase or that you dine on a weeknight.  But $22 for free towards an amazing meal is always a good buy!

Here’s the link again.  Stock up tonight at this price and use them over the next several months.  Merry Christmas & Happy Shopping! Weekly Promo Offer 468 x 60

p.s. The link should continually update, so if there is a different price on the ad than in the post, click to check the website- the ad should remain current.  They run a few specials a year. 🙂


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    OMG there is a place in St. Augustine where I can get Empanadas? I LOVE Empanadas! I need to try this place out if I ever get some money to eat out!

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      Tasting Room has veggie empanadas, too. Go w/a coupon next time you go out to celebrate something! (A new job?!)

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