Obi’s Fillin’ Station at St. Augustine Beach

The vintage garage theme is clear from the moment your tires roll over the “service bell” line in the parking lot alerting the kitchen to your arrival. Obi’s Fillin’ Station is a tribute to America’s automobile era down to the smallest details- and dreaming it all up was half the fun for Eddie Obi Jr & Angelo Hernandez, the local owners with as much of a passion for burgers as they have for cars.

Obis St Augustine Beach Burger Restaurant
Timbo hangs out with the friendly Sinclair Dino – a relic of mid 1900s road trips.

Obi’s is divided into two rooms- the waiting area, with an open kitchen and a tempting dessert case, and the dining room. The counter dividing the two boasts an old car base with a diamond-plate countertop. And the theme continues. Lights are suspended in oil cans, the soap at a hand-washing sink is gritty garage soap and the base of the sink is a transmission. The garage theme is on point and gives you something to take in while waiting for a table. While we were all ooohing & aaahing over yet another auto allusion, Andrew was drawn to something entirely different…

“What are those Krispy Kreme Donuts for?” he asked, pointing to boxes in the open kitchen. I knew Andrew’s dinner order would be an easy choice… whatever had those donuts in it! Before we found out more info, our table was ready. We walked into the adjacent dining room, which continues the fun with auto-themed signage lining the walls. We played one of the best “I Spy” games ever after we ordered our dinner!

obis burgers St Augustine Beach
I spy a bell…

“Can we get some Lug Nuts?” My hubby ordered an app as soon as we sat down- I chuckled at the name. Why am I not surprised that the garage theme carries over to the menu as well?! Lug Nuts {$5} are deep fried cream corn nuggets sprinkled with powdered sugar. They’re pretty darn close to dessert if you ask me. I would have gone for the GMC Flatbread (it has goat cheese!) or the Satay Spokes (grilled chicken kabobs w/Thai peanut sauce) but the sweet treat won and everyone at the table was glad for it.

Obis Appetizers Menu
Lug Nuts are deep fried corn nuggets – a great app for those with a sweet tooth.

Choosing dinner was tricky because there were several things I wanted to try! I’ll be back for the King Rancher bison burger and The GTO lamb burger but this time I went with The Fire Engine {$12}, a half-pound chipotle seasoned burger with pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, grilled onions, avocado and spicy mayo. I liked the kick to it- those jalapeños add quite a bite!

Next time, I’ll add a frozen beer to cool off after each spicy bite. Yes, I did say frozen beer. Think a beer icy… but tastier than whatever you just imagined. I totally scoffed when I first heard of it, but it’s actually refreshing!

Obis spicy Burger
The Fire Engine {$12}.

Hubby decided to go back to his Yankee roots as soon as he saw a sausage, pepper & onion option… he ordered The Lamborghini {$10}. Not only did it have that famous trio, it was topped with brisket and then swiss cheese and was served with chips. He tore off the ends where the filling didn’t reach and set to work… and couldn’t eat it all. While the brisket didn’t change the flavor of the classic, it did “beef it up” (pun totally intended) and made this a satisfying choice.

Obis Lamborghini St Augustine Beach Burger
The Lamborghini with chips {$10}

Ben, our teen, went for The Mustang {$11}. Topped with a fried onion ring, applewood smoked bacon and BBQ sauce, this burger sounded great! If I ordered it, I’d ask for extra sauce- I’m a stickler for “the bun should be covered” and I like mine saucy!

Obis BBQ Burger St Augustine Beach
The Mustang BBQ Burger {$11}

Lauren is our other teen and she was also in a BBQ kind of mood. She made an excellent choice, though I only know that because I ordered it an other time. She did not share one bite with anyone at the table! I think that means she liked it. The Jalopy {$8} is a beef brisket sloppy joe served with a side of slaw.

Obis Brisket Sandwich
The Jalopy {$8}

We had to talk Timothy down to a kids’ meal… he really wanted to order The Dominator {$25} which is insane… 24 oz of burger, brisket, bacon, cheese, onions & peppers… too much food for our “no mom, really, I’m ravenous” 10 year old. 😉 He ended up with 2 Mini Cooper Sliders {$6}. The other kids’ meal options are chicken fingers or a kosher dog.

Obis Kids Menu Sliders
2 Mini Cooper Sliders {$6}

Remember those Krispy Kreme Donuts Andrew spotted when we arrived? He found The Spare Tire {$7} on the menu and his mind was made. A 4 oz burger sandwiched between Krispy Kreme Donuts. It’s every 8 year old’s dream! He inhaled it.

Obis Krispy Kreme Donut Burger
The Spare Tire {$7}

Andrew is the only one who still had room for dessert… but I argued that he’d already eaten dessert so we headed out of the dining room’s EXIT door. Just like a gas station, this filling station allows you to walk in one side and pull right on through after you’re all tanked up.

If you’re at St. Augustine Beach and in the mood for a good burger, walk down to Obi’s. Enter empty. Leave Full.

Obis St Augustine Beach Restaurant
Obi’s Fillin’ Station – a garage themed burger joint at the beach.

Obi’s Fillin’ Station
8:00 am – 9:00 pm Sun – Thurs, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm Fri & Sat
Breakfast served 8:00 – 10:30 am
590 A1A Beach Blvd

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We are so grateful for Obi’s inviting us to dinner! I have been incognito as well and service & food was the same both times- friendly and tasty.


  1. Lon says

    Food excellent,however,they definately need to do some sound deadening. So noisy we left early,could not hear yourself think

    • says

      It is a hoppin’ place, Lon. You’re right. If it’s full there is definitely a buzz!

      My previous visit was earlier in the day and was not so loud- try at lunch time. 🙂 ~Allie O.

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