Pizza Time

“You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.” -Yogi Berra

Everybody loves a good pizza.  And everybody has a favorite- my hubby likes a NY style cheese folded up with grease dripping down his arm.  I prefer mine loaded with toppings and resting on a well seasoned, crisp crust.  Whatever your preference, Pizza Time on St. George Street delivers!

We stopped on our way to ride the Big Red Train and picked up several slices.  I’m posting in order from least favorite to get your greasy paws off my slice of pizza {most favorite}.

3. Antipasta Pizza

This loaded slice of veggie was tasty- I think they called it an antipasta pizza.  I love toppings, but when I want a LOADED pizza, I head across the street to Pizzalleys and get a Veggie Garbage Can.  Not to dis the antipasta, it was good… but when they’re so close, I can choose FAVORITE!
2. Eggplant Parmesan Pizza
Speaking of FAVORITE… this Eggplant Parmesan pizza is, in my humble opinion, a must-try.  I mean, how often can you find eggplant parmesan ON a pizza?  Never before?  Exactly.  And it’s perfectly executed.  Tell them to leave it in the oven an extra minute so the breading on the eggplant is nice and crispy.  Oh, and pick off the tomatoes and eat them separately.
1. {drum-roll, please} Grandma’s Sicilian Pizza!

It was really hard to decide whether to put this before the Eggplant Parm slice or after.  These are both to die for.  What I love about this is the crust.  It was crisp yet fluffy (can I say fluffy when describing pizza?)- exactly what I expect from a Sicilian.  The cheese was gooey and the basil fresh, seasonings on top were just right… Yum.

Oh, and a cannoli.

The cannoli isn’t at the end because it was better than the Sicilian, just because dessert comes last.  Unless the meal is going to take a long time and we’re really hungry… but I digress. Hubby {who is from NY & knows about things like cannolis} said, “It was decent.  Cannolis shouldn’t have cherries.  I give it a 7 because it was frou-frou.”

Oh, and we had some cheese pizza.  I snuck a bite before the kids devoured it- it was good but I prefer Pizzalley’s for plain cheese.  My buddy from Manhattan swears Pizza Time is better.  Which brings us back to personal preference… my vote?  Try both!!  Pizza Time serves up lots of varieties every day and you’re bound to find one you love!



  1. Dave Simons says

    Pizzalley’s is never consistent. Sauce is week. Pizza Time is authentic Brooklyn, NY pizza. Delicious

    • says

      Pizza time reminds me of home and is as good as any pizza I used to eat growing up on long island. I love that place

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