Rainy Day Getaway!

Some days it’s rainy or smokey or just too hot to be outside.  On one of those days, we discovered the Burger King play area off CR 210.

It may seem ridiculous to post about a fast food restaurant on a travel blog… but there are days that littles just need to move.  And if you need some indoor space to do that, the new, clean BK may fit the bill.

During the smoke-laden wildfire days of Spring 2011 , we grabbed breakfast sandwiches and enjoyed the tunnels and slides for a couple of hours.

GPS Address: 141 Gateway Cir, St Johns, FL 32259


Chik fil A also has an indoor play space- and it’s always clean!  If you’re visiting, this one is closer to historic St. Augustine at 1752 US Highway 1 S, St. Augustine, Florida 32084

Those are the only two I can think of with indoor play spaces.  We do not have a Pump it Up or other indoor bounce house / play space in St. Augustine.  If there are fun spots I’m overlooking, LMK & I’ll update this page to help other mammas out!  Stay dry out there!

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