Savory Faire St. Augustine Food Tour

There is no better way to have lunch in St. Augustine than a foodie walking tour!  City Walks was St. Augustine’s first foodie walking tour and they continue to offer delish and fun tours of St. Augustine daily.  We joined CityWalks {aka Tour St. Augustine} for the Savory Faire Tour last weekend as a grande finale to my hubby’s Birthday Getaway.  You may want to get a snack before reading this… you’ll be hungry by the end!!

Since City Walks was purchased by Tour St. Augustine, most tours leave from this office {next door to the Lightner Museum and Flagler College}.  Alan, our tour guide, introduced himself as our group gathered and the office even did some last-minute tweaking to create a unique tour for the girls in our group- what service!!

Our first stop was my favorite lunch spot in all of St. Augustine- Cafe Alcazar.

Alan shared the history of Cafe Alcazar, which is located in what was the “deep end” of the world’s largest indoor pool in the historic hotel that now houses the Lightner Museum.  We became acquainted with our tour-mates as we shared an appetizer course of hummus, imported Greek pita and veggies.

I grew up eating hummus at my Arabic grandma’s house and I’ll happily cast my vote for Cafe Alcazar!!  Theirs is the best hummus I’ve had in St. Augustine!  We had the wine pairing option added to our tour {do it!} and enjoyed a refreshing white that paired perfectly with the hummus.  After learning, laughing and tasting we followed our guide with the green umbrella to our next destination…

The Floridian‘s menu and decor are based on Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ Old Florida cookbook Cross Creek Cookery.  Does her name sound vaguely familar?  She was author of The Yearling and also owned the building that houses Ripley’s Believe it or Not when it was a fashionable hotel, not a fun & funky tourist attraction.  We were served fried green tomato bruschetta {I took mine off the bread & just ate the ‘mater} and creamy corn grit cakes.

Everyone in our group liked The Floridian- I was starting to get full but we still had several stops to go!  So glad it’s a walking tour… we were able to do a little stretching before our next course.  Here’s a picture of our tour group- Chris & me plus the 5 gals from all over the country who meet in St. Augustine for vacations!

Alan had us “pop in” to Pop ‘n Off Popcorn for a little snack.  It’s a yummy, family-run, from-scratch business.  Try the cinnabon popcorn, it’s my favorite.

Next up was Prince of Wales Restaurant.  I had never been there {there are still a few places we’ve not ventured into… yet!}  The owner brought us fish ‘n chips and creamed peas.  Our table was funny at this stop- we switched out our wine and tried some British beers and ciders.  People were also reaching across the table swapping what they didn’t like for what they did just like school lunch time!

Once I added salt, the peas weren’t so bad.  They kind of reminded me of baby food… the fries are really crispy and yummy.  Hubby liked the fish, but I guess I’m a spoiled Florida girl.  Cod and Haddock just don’t compare to Mahi and Grouper!!  So I gave him my fish.  It was very crisp and super hot… if you’re a British fish ‘n chips kind of person you’d probably like this.

Since I didn’t eat a lot at Prince of Wales, I was ready for my entree course by the time we walked to Gourmet Hut.  That’s the great thing about a food tour, if you’re not crazy about one course there is always more to come!  You’ll leave satisfied!  We were served several dishes at Gourmet Hut- the balsamic drizzle on the beef tips {below} was sweet and thick- a great compliment to the meat.  I never thought to pair balsamic with grilled beef before- I’m stashing that tip for future use!

We were served a sweet treat at Gourmet Hut and I assumed that was the end of our Savory Faire Food Tour.  But no!  Alan rallied the troops and marched us over to Athena Restaurant for baklava and coffee.

I remain unimpressed with Athena’s baklava.  I’m totally biased because I make my own and our family recipe is rolled {think little cigars} and then washed with a simple syrup glaze instead of soaking in the honeyed syrup.  So where ours is crisp and slightly sweet, the version I was served tastes super-sweet and soggy.  They don’t make it in house- I wonder how they fix their baklava at home?!  I do recommend this restaurant- I like everything else about Athena {love the Moussaka!}… just don’t stay for dessert.

That being said, everyone else at our table enjoyed the baklava {amateurs. haha} and my coffee was a great end to a fabulous food tour.  The tour encompassed everything I could’ve asked for- I was introduced to new restaurants, enjoyed new food experiences and learned & laughed along the way.

Tour St.Augustine also offers other historic walking tours- including the Tour de Chocolate which I found very tasty!  Make time in your vacation schedule for a food tour!

City Walks Tours Website
Call, email or visit the office & mention Simply St. Augustine for a discounted rate of $46!

We walked with CityWalks in exchange for sharing this blog with you.  But I guarantee every delicious word and pix is my own and that you’ll love your tour when you visit!


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