St. Augustine Bloggers Meetup

Are all business meetings this awesome or do bloggers just have more fun?!  I enjoyed a meetup with some Jacksonville Bloggers and St. Augustine Bloggers Saturday night in a private room off Casa Monica’s restaurant- 95 Cordova.

First, I’d like to introduce you to these über creative women.  Silvina is new to the group but came with a lot of experience.  If you’re looking for a Latina social media consultant, she’s your gal.  Sarah, of Saradipity photography fame, was a blast!  I really look forward to collaborating with her!  Next is me.  You know me.  If you don’t get my posts in your inbox yet, subscribe here.  😉  And I’m on twitter, of course.  Aaaand facebookpinterest and… what?  Oh, yes.  I’ll stop there.

Back row, you’ll meet site designer Jordan of Create like Crazy and her sweet friend {who doesn’t blog but I just loved her accent!}.  Jenna is your gal for fresh-from-Florida recipes, nutrition tips and info on the best places to GoLo {go local! Produce, meats, eggs…}.  Finally, my fairy blogmother, Toni  is and a founder of Savvy Blogging Summit – which I hope to attend next year.

Casa Monica gave us the Wine Room for the night so we could secretly plot to take over the world wide web meet free of distractions.  I learned this room is often reserved for special events- like proposals, small engagement parties, business meetings and now blogger meetups!  When you go, try the strawberry spinach salad and the truffled fries.  So yummy.

If you’re a local blogger who would enjoy some networking & creative gabbing, shoot me an email SimplyStAugustine {at} gmail {dot} com.  And if you’re a business owner who would like to partner with local bloggers, you know who to contact!

Working together toward the beautification of the internet…

 Allie aka ~Simply St. Augustine~


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      Gracias for sharing her! If you’re in N FL, you’ll have to join us for a fun night, too!

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    Thank you so much for putting this lovely night together, Allie! It was so great to connect with everyone! Can’t wait to do it again 🙂

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    Oh.My.Gosh!! I have been looking for a group of St Augustine bloggers for a while now and was about to set up a meet up online to find some of you. Soooo glad I found this website, how do I get involved in your next meeting?

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    I can’t believe I just saw BB’s post! Thanks for your endless support 🙂

    These guys here in St. Augustine/Jacksonville are SUPER talented and I can’t wait to hear more from them!

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      I’m lovin’ all the love here! 😉 Looking forward to another meetup soon… hopefully early/mid November.

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      Hi Diana! Do you live in St. Augustine now? Maybe you can join us for our next meetup.

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