St Augustine Panera Drive Thru

I’m not blogging about Panera.  You know what you’ll get when you go there- free wi-fi, fresh bagels, tasty soups and sandwiches… that’s what chains are about.  Predictability.  But St. Augustine is special.  Our Panera has a Drive Thru.  Yep.  I’m blogging the Cobblestone Panera Drive Thru.

We picked up lunch from the St. Augustine Farmer’s Market and were headed to Treaty Park for a picnic.  I realized halfway there we were out of water- and Lord knows you need to drink a lot of water on a warm Florida day!  Panera is located in the Cobblestone shopping center off 312 (in front of Pier 1, Bed Bath & Beoynd and Publix).  Since I had five little ones with me- and no big kid to run in- the drive thru saved the day!

I was only ordering drinks, so it would have been faster to go inside than to wait while others’ food orders were made, but as I mentioned- that wasn’t an option.  The line moved quickly enough, really, and soon we placed our order.

 “Umm, I’ll have a mango smoothie and a peach smoothie and four waters.”

“Will that be all?”

“Yes.  No.  How is that Acai Tea?  Does it have caffeine?  Is it mixed with black tea?”

“No, it’s just acai.” 

{hmm.  she didn’t sound too confident…}  “Oh, so it’s an herbal tea?  Is it sweetened?”

“No.  It’s not sweet, but it’s good.”  {She’s probably thinking- it’s just a glass of tea, lady!  Only $1.79! Take a risk!}

“Okay, I’ll try it!”

We looked at the birds.  Looked at the people eating outside on the patio.  Caused some diners to wave and stare… “Why is that lady taking pictures of Panera?!” And then we pulled up to the window.  {I’m still not over it.  A drive thu Panera!}

I was immediately handed our order by the smiling Panera gals, who kindly gave us directions to Treaty Park as well… 1 more reason to love St. Augustine!

Panera Bread (Drive Thru opens at 5:30 M-Sat and 6:00 on Sunday)
600 Tingle Court
(904) 417-9926


  1. Gay G says

    I like your post about the Panera drive-thru. I Googled the question “does Panera acai tea have caffeine?” and your post came up. I then checked and discovered that while the tea has zero of everything else, a regular size does indeed have 83 mg of caffeine. Good to know!

    • says

      Ah-ha! I KNEW it! 😉 The drive thru girls offered great service & a friendly smile… but I guess they get an “f” on knowing caffeine content! Thanks for helping me out- I was still curious.

  2. FlEvans says

    Went there tonight, @ 9:10pm. The posted hours are till 10 pm but the staff’s attitude was, “man, we’re trying to clean up and go home,” – except for one friendly fella who recognized my husband as a regular.

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