RECIPE: Healthy Juice Pops for Hot Florida Days!

Time with cousins is the best! We road tripped down to Lake Wales for a summer visit with lots of great people: my kids great-grandma, their great-aunt & great-uncle, Aunt Jadi and some grrrrreat cousins! Lake Wales is nestled in central Florida- and boy is it hot! It’s often 5-10 degrees warmer there than at our St. Augustine address! We cooled off one day at Legoland’s water park but the rest of the time we hung out with family and tried to keep cool.

The heat is good for citrus- Polk county is the top citrus producing county in the entire state! But it’s bad for ACs. Aunt Terri & Uncle Cliff’s AC in the kids’ rec room went out just before we arrived. My solution? Make them some ice pops and send them outside!! And you’ll never believe what I got our kids to put in their popsicles {Kale and greens in the juices! flaxseed! This organic juice has no added sugar but is sweet and delish!} I won’t tell them they were a healthy dessert if you don’t!

These are super simple- here’s how we did it…

Summer Popsicle Recipe
Nutritious and Delicious! Fruit bedazzled juice pops for summer!

Noble sponsored the following recipe. Noble Juices are Florida grown, Florida pressed and Florida owned! I love grabbing this local company’s juices from Publix- they’re 100% natural, no added anything and kissed by the Florida sunshine!

Ingredients/Supplies Needed

  • OJ and flavored juice blends- I grabbed Noble’s Apple Vanilla Greens w Flaxseed and Royal Mandarin + Greens juices, a bottle of their zippy tangerine juice and a Honeybell Blueberry which is soooo delish! Cooking with citrus is a great way to brighten up a meal. Now that I’ve found Noble, it turns out I like cooking with tangerine juice as much as I like orange juice recipes!
  • Fresh fruit – I grabbed blueberries because they’re in season and on sale right now.
  • Popsicle Molds – Only $1 at Dollar Tree! I don’t store these over the winter and I don’t feel a bit bad about donating them instead of cluttering my small kitchen.
Noble Juice at Publix
Our Publix had Noble Juice blends on sale so I grabbed one of each to try them all. I now know my favorites & have grabbed the chai flavored one and the blueberry several times since.
Green Juice Kids Popsicles
Supplies: We sipped our way through 4 Noble juice flavors and the kids mixed & matched.

Step 1: Let the kids taste every juice. Because it’s an easy way to be a fun mom! I was shocked that Andrew (8) and Eli (4) loved the green juice blends! I let each kiddo pick a juice to pour in the bottom half of their pop.

Step 2: Add fruit. They each counted out berries into their pop mold. 4 for Eli, 5 for Clara, 8 for Andrew… they each added as many as their age. Except Mamma. Because a pop won’t hold 35 berries. LOL

Blueberry Tangerine Popsicles
Adding fruit to the popsicles…

Step 3: Freeze for a few hours. 

Step 4: Top with another juice for a pretty, layered effect. We poured a different juice on top & I let each kiddo pick. Then freeze the rest of the way. Repeat, “No. It’s not time yet,” about 4,000 times. Wish you had made them all one flavor juice to expedite the process. LOL You will likely need to make one day and then eat the next.

Step 5: Eat! Laugh! Enjoy! 

Protip: You’ll want to let them sit out for a bit before you pull it from the mold so the stick doesn’t slip out leaving the popsicle behind.

Orange Blueberry Popsicles
Clara’s pop is ready!! They took them outside for a cool treat on a hot day.
Orange and Green Juice Pops
Both Andrew and Eli asked for green juice & Blueberry/Honeybell. I didn’t mind them eating these alll-natural, no-sugar-added pops just before dinner.

When kids are involved in cooking, they’re much more likely to try new flavors and to eat foods they may otherwise turn their noses up at. Homemade popsicles are an easy peasy way to start in the kitchen and to introduce new tastes. What flavors will you try?!

Sponsored Post: Noble Juices are Florida grown, Florida pressed and Florida owned! I love grabbing this local company’s juices from Publix.

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