St. Augustine Restaurants for Vegetarians

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We went veggie in 1999. Back then, ordering a vegetarian meal usually meant suffering through an iceberg lettuce salad or servers suggesting chicken or fish as an alternative to meat.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

Vegetarian Restaurants in St Augustine

St. Augustine is an easy place for vegetarians to eat out. There are veggie options at just about every restaurant and legit vegan ones at most… but all veggies know there is a huge difference between finding something that will do and choosing a restaurant that serves delicious meatless meal options. We don’t follow a vegan diet any more, but below are a few of my favorite choices for nights that I’m in a veggie mood:

  • Back 40 serves up some amazing veggie options! We like the tacos, burritos and salads. [L + D]
  • Cafe Alcazar‘s veggie panini has asparagus and all sorts of roasted veggies for your munching pleasure. Their menu includes other veggie options as well. [L only]
  • Casa Maya is an organic Mexican restaurant in the heart of historic St. Augustine. I love the veggie burrito- it’s massive! [L + D]
  • Crave Food Truck is waterfront, locally sourced, healthy & delish. They have salads, sandwiches and smoothies. [L only]
  • Creative Juices serves up the best fresh juice combos I’ve ever had plus delicious veggie, vegan & GF options for breakfast & lunch! [B + L]
  • The Floridian makes a mean Fried Green Tomato sandwich, hearty salads & other veggie options. [L + D]
  • Hot Shot Bakery is a great choice because owner Sherry is almost always in and she can make anything taste good!! Whether you’re looking for a veggie breakfast scramble or sweet potato pancakes or a vegan panini for lunch, this is a great stop. [B + L]
  • The Hyppo Cafe has veggie sandwiches like the fun Elvis PB & Banana sandwich. Most of Hyppo’s popsicles are vegan! [L + D]
  • Likkit Ice Cream Shop sells vegan Dole Whip ice cream! [Dessert only, L + D hours]
  • Manatee Cafe is a primarily vegetarian/vegan restaurant- great for lunch! [B + L]
  • Meehan’s Irish Pub cooks up an amazing curry each day. Order the veggie one with no hesitation! [L + D]
  • Mojo’s Tacos has tempeh tacos… I haven’t tried them yet but Jason (a local cook & friend) said they’re solid! [L + D]
  • Nalu’s Tropical Takeout is permanently set up in front of Anastasia State Park & Surf Station. Find taco takeout there [L]
  • Pizzalleys / Chianti Room, Pizza Time & Al’s Pizza are all great pizza or Italian restaurants in historic St. Aug. When all else fails, order a slice of veggie pizza. [L + D]
  • Present Moment Cafe is a mostly raw restaurant. The entire menu is vegan and the entire menu is delicious. For real. [B + L + D]

For those with allergies: Check out my Gluten Free St. Augustine page. Most of these restaurants are very respectful of allergies. Of course call ahead if your allergy is severe.

I know there are lots more… As I think of other favorite spots, I’ll add them to the list! If you think of any I overlooked, comment below:


  1. Judy says

    Gas resturant has blackend tofu &’also a black bean burger! Mellow Mushroom has Vegan & Gluten free pizza , calzones & salads

  2. Diane Caudle says

    Smoothie Fresh Cafe has vegan soups!

  3. Jenny W. says

    Nalu’s tropical Takeout has a vegetarian menu and amazing food.

    • says

      You’re right! How could I omit Nalu’s!?! Thanks, Jenny W.

  4. says

    LuLi’s Cupcakes has new vegan sweets options! Delicious!

  5. says

    You also forgot Cheezees Grill on 926 Santa Maria Blvd. across the street from Moultrie Publix they serve the one and only impossible burger they serve hummus they serve a Portabella mushroom sandwich they also serve a vegetable sandwich we carry vegan cheese
    You can reach us on Facebook/Cheezees Grill

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