St. Augustine’s Spanish Bakery

When I was a kid, Dad used to take my sister and me to the Spanish Bakery on St. George Street.  That alone is enough reason for me to bring my own children there for lunch in St. Augustine!

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Dad grew up in Puerto Rico- I guess the picadillo and pigeons walking around old picnic tables of a family-owned bakery reminded him of his childhood.  And The Spanish Bakery on St. George Street is still in the same building, serving the same menu on the same picnic tables I remember as a child!  It’s been in the same family all 37 years of operation.

My little family started out by sampling their Picadillo.  We made it a “combo”  and carried out a tray with a bottle of water, a freshly baked roll, picadillo over rice and a cinnamon cookie for $5.50.  Picadillo is essentially chili minus the beans… I think I spotted onions & green peppers hidden in it.

We also tried some beef Empanadas ($3.50)- the original “hot pockets”.  Whatever your preference, it’s better to arrive early.  Food is made fresh daily and when it’s sold out, it’s gone.  Almond cookies were already gone when we arrived and Timothy bought the last cinnamon roll…

Which, as you can see ^, he was very happy about.

When school groups come through, the place packs out.  Otherwise, there are always open tables.  Another local brought her lunch and some bread scraps for the pigeons and picnicked in the corner under a sheltering tent.  The side yard has picnic tables nestled under a sprawling oak, it’s a nice shady respite in the middle of busy St. George Street!

I like the old world feel of The Spanish Bakery- and the fact that you can pick up a loaf of bread for $2.00.  I should take one to Dad and share some memories…

The Spanish Bakery
42 1/2 St. George Street
Look near the public restrooms, across from The Colonial Quarter


  1. says

    Love the Spanish Bakery! The food is so fresh and yummy and I adore the old charm:)

  2. Marjie says

    My family goes to the Spanish Bakery during every trip, when we are planning, I find it funny when I say to the kids that we can’t visit everything so lets pick what we really want to do and The Spanish Bakery is brought up before any attractions or tours!
    Great food and affordable, it doesn’t get any better than that!

  3. Kelly says

    I remember when we would have field trips from school to
    St. Augustine, they’d always send notes home so the parents would remember to send money with us so we could bring home loaves of the wonderful bread from there!

  4. says

    I LOVE empanadas! I will have to remember to hit the bakery up 🙂

  5. June Mahan says

    We LOVE the Spanish bakery. I remember being introduced to it in high school on a field trip for my Spanish class. My girls have fond memories of us eating there too.

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