Starbucks at I-95 and CR210

Driving long hours on the Interstate can grow monotonous.  You’re getting sleepy… but you can’t stop just yet.  You need some go-go juice.  You need a Starbucks fix.

Okay, you don’t need a Starbucks coffee… but it sure would be a nice treat!  Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to study (they have free wi-fi), a spot to meet with friends or just a quick fix, the Starbucks at Fireworks Alley will come through.  The only Starbucks in N St. Johns County (it’s just off I95 between Jacksonville and St. Augustine), they even have a 24 hour drive thru.  Stop in for a hot coffee or iced treat any time!

The ladies in my prayer group meet here.  Most of the girls try something different each time.  Jackie used to be a barista, last time it was the hot cocoa for her.  Maybe we should do our accountability meeting at my house so she can show me how to prepare my favorite latte!

Sometimes we grab the table tucked away in the corner behind bookshelves, other nights we pull seats around a cafe table by the counter.  But our favorite spot is outside on the patio.  If I try hard enough, I can pretend the cars rushing by on the interstate are ocean waves rushing the shore… but who has time to do that when we have friends to pray for and life to share?!

The iced Caramel Macchiato is my preferred way to cool off on a warm summer night.  Tonight, mine’s free b/c it’s my Birthday month.  🙂

Kim orders the same, perfect {albeit complicated} drink every single time: Triple Grande, Extra Hot, Breve Latte.  I remember it because that’s what friends do.  We pray for each other, encourage one another and know what to order to make our buddies smile.

Of course you can always have yours to go {in a paper cup} but I love sipping from a mug.  It’s much more comforting.  The lights come on as the night grows dark, and mosquitoes and gnats come out.  We laugh and hug and say good night.

Given a choice, I prefer to go local.  If I were in historic St. Augustine, I’d head to Tasting Room To Go or Claude’s Chocolate for locally roasted coffee and a freshly baked treat.  But we meet in the middle and 210 is just right.  We have friendly baristas at Starbucks who make the perfect cup of coffee {or remake it until it’s right}.  If you find yourself passing through, stop in!  If you can stay a while, ask for a mug.  Who knows?  I just might see you there. 

Starbucks at I-95 & CR 210 
105 Fireworks Alley


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    I was looking for a photo of a 24 hour starbucks/sign and I was brought to your blog 😉 this is my new hangout. I go here all the time late at night to study since it’s 24 hours and Barnes and Nobles and the Starbucks on the island close at 9pm. #nightowlproblems

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