5 Reasons You NEED to try The Florida Room

This restaurant is closed. We haven’t checked out the new place yet.

You may have heard… The Floridian has a new restaurant on site!  It makes sense, really, for them to expand into the former Tasting Room To Go which shared the back courtyard.

We popped by for lunch last Saturday and loved it.  Here are my top 5 reasons to give The Florida Room restaurant a try:

1. Ping Pong {‘nuf said!!}

I think this is the only place you can play Ping Pong in St. Augustine… maybe in all of the First Coast!  The regulation size table in the spacious outdoor courtyard is available to guests of either restaurant.  Since it’s outside, you can get rowdy but don’t peg nearby diners.

We had a mini family tournament. I lost, but it was a blast!!

2. Indoor seating

It started raining shortly after we ordered lunch so we were grateful for enough barstools to seat our whole family (8) plus the next 2 parties that came in!  Normally, we’d go for the ample seating in the outdoor patio but having the indoor seating is a bonus when the weather isn’t just right and a huge upgrade from Tasting Room to Go days!

3. Bread from French Pantry Jacksonville

If I have to explain this to you, you won’t appreciate this tidbit appropriately.  French Pantry is the best and most under-appreciated restaurant in Jacksonville, IMO, and is totally worth a pilgrimage for lunch.

The Florida Room has plans to eventually bake their own breads but for now they’re sourcing from the best.  All their sandwiches are served on French Pantry breads & rolls.  Or pop into this “Southern pantry” and you can take a baguette home with you for less than one from Publix!

4. Real, fresh, made-from-scratch food at affordable prices

Caprese Sandwich is an amazing combination of tomatoes, goat cheese, arugula, candied pecans and secret deliciousness!

Sandwiches are grab-and-go (if there’s no line) and are goooo-oood!  We tried three on this visit:

  • Floridian Caprese {Tomato} Sandwich {$6}
  • Datil Egg Salad Sandwich {$6}
  • Totally Not Boring Chicken Salad Sandwich {$8} which had amazing fresh, yellow tomatoes.  

It’s hard to choose a favorite… hubby liked the Caprese and I claimed the Datil Egg sandwich for myself… but I’d happily eat any of them again!  Also, they were huge! Our family of 8 shared 5 (Daddy needed his own) plus dessert and were quite stuffed!

Creative, local food + great value = WIN!

Totally Not Boring Chicken Sandwich lives up to its name!

5. Desserts worth saving room for

Adorable mini blueberry pies tempted us during lunch.
The kids loved this decadent brownie with freshly whipped cream & caramel sauce!

You’ll wait a bit for your meal if there is an order ahead of you, but you can make the wait seem short by going straight to dessert!  We tried the vegan Zucchini Cupcake {$3.50} – impressively moist and delish!  I’m still a cream cheese frosting devotee, but let me just say that not a crumb remained on the plate after the kiddos each had their piece.  {We cut it in wedges… can’t spoil their appetite before lunch too much!}

Many of my friends live with dietary restrictions & severe allergies; it’s nice to find restaurants in St. Augustine who create delish treats anyone can enjoy!  These cupcakes were vegan and The Florida Room often has gluten-free desserts as well.

These croissants {$4} are not gluten free but are freshly baked and amazing!
Why, yes, that is a Key Lime Cheesecake {$6} tempting you to drive to Florida Room RIGHT NOW!
Hubby’s Top 5 would be different, of course.  His list would include the craft beer on tap- Florida Cracker White Ale.  I also should mention their affordable wine list and worth-braggin’-about lattes.  When you go, you’ll discover your own Top 5… comment with yours!!
The Floridian and The Florida Room compliment each other beautifully. Check both out and comment with your faves!
You can order to-go from The Florida Room and head to your favorite picnic spot in St. Augustine, you may Ping-Pong to your little heart’s content then collapse on the deck with a cold draft and a perfect sandwich or you can grab a bite at the bar.  Meet friends, go alone, make yourself at home- there’s always room for one more at The Florida Room.

The Florida Room
39 Cordova Street

M & W 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Thurs – Sun 9:00 am – close, Closed Tuesdays 

This restaurant is closed. We haven’t checked out the new place yet.


  1. Brooke says

    Love it there! We discovered this little hidden gem a few weeks ago! Loved the courtyard, the fun-vintage FL decor, the local craft beers, the coffee, the quick and delish food options, etc….:)

  2. says

    thanks for the tip!…been to both places and this makes sense; can’t wait to get back!

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