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The 2nd best part of eating out with all {6} kiddos is getting to try so many different entrees at each restaurant!  The best part is making up funny comebacks to all the “are they all yours” comments… but I digress!!

We started with The Floridian‘s soup of the day (a curried vegetable- unique but I’d order off the regular menu next time) and a cheese plate featuring Sweet Grass Dairy’s fantastic cheeses for our appetizers.  We shared the Spicy Melt (a blackened local fish sandwich), Not Your Mamma’s Meatloaf Sandwich, a Fresh Catch Floridian dinner plate and {and… and… and…} I’ll stop the list but suffice it to say we enjoyed our Locally sourced feast with a Southern flair, thank y’all very much.

The boat on the ceiling, flying gator sketch on the wall and other “old Florida” decor made for fun eye-spy games while we waited, which wasn’t very long since we arrived before the dinner rush.  I look forward to returning- I want to try the Zucchini Casserole layered with tempeh, homemade bread crumbs & an heirloom tomato slice.  Sounds like a veggie’s dream!

The Floridian has something to offer every palate.  As their website states, “Innovative Southern Flair for Omnivores, Herbivores and Locavores.”  I’m happy to support their quest to locally source their offerings.  Fun place!  They {successfully} strive to be quintessentially Floridian.

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    I really like that more and more restaurants are incorporating fresh ingredients into their repertoire. It seems like the general public as a while is becoming more conscious of healthy options. I would love to go out to dinner this next weekend. I do too much cooking by myself as it is.

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