The Hyppo

One word: YUM.

Let’s see, so far I’ve tried: Coconut Coconut, Datil Strawberry, Straight-Up Strawberry, Mango, Key Lime…

There are so many gourmet popsicle flavors at The Hyppo, and they change seasonally, even our big family hasn’t covered them all!  (But I’m no help because I always order a spicy one… no variety here.)

Cool off with your fave flave as you stroll around Old Town, enjoy it in the adorable storefront on Hypolita & Charlotte, Stroll along St. George Street after buying from the newest location or pack it in a foil-lined to go bag to enjoy at will.

$3.50 worth of deliciousness… enjoy!

GPS Address:

Two Hyppos in Historic St. Augustine!
 48 Charlotte Street OR 70 Saint George Street

The Hyppo Cafe
1765 Tree Blvd #5 


There are also Hyppo Popsicles available all over the First Coast… here’s a page w/where to buy Hyppo Popsicles.


  1. Rick says

    This place is nothing short of amazing. Every trip to St. Augustine is incomplete until you’ve tried a popsicle or three from The Hyppo.

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