Yard Bird Cafe {now The Blue Hen}

The Yard Bird Cafe has moved and is now called The Blue Hen. They changed names and location but it’s the same delish food!

Sunday afternoon.  We usually grab leftovers after church and then enjoy our highly protected Sunday Afternoon Nap, but last Sunday hubby had some work to do, so the kiddos & I hit the road.  We discovered something better than a Sunday afternoon nap in a thunderstorm… we tried Yard Bird Cafe.

We passed our 15 minute wait quickly at the Olde Towne Toy Shop next door.  I bought a card game {shhh… don’t tell the kids it’s a learning game!} and the little girls played in the well stocked hands-on section while the big kids mentally developed their Christmas List.  Something for everyone- that’s one cool toy store!

The table wasn’t quite ready when we returned, so we chatted with some friends who are regulars at Yard Bird – they suggested we try Zada Jane’s Stack.  So, of course, we did.  

Once seated in our “pew”, both big kids ordered breakfast, which is served all day, while I went for lunch.  Water came immediately then we played our new card game while we waited for our meal.

Ok.  So there are biscuits, then there are made-from-scratch-homemade-goodness biscuits.  Yard Bird Cafe delivers the second kind.  Timothy (8) was still raving about his 2 Buttermilk Chicken Biscuits ($8) at dinner!  The chicken was perfectly fried {crisp exterior, still moist & tender inside!} and the biscuits were warm & golden.

Lauren took Spencer {of Kookaburra fame}’s advice and went for Zada Jane’s Stack ($9) – sweet potato fries, a sausage fritatta, cheddar & chives with a biscuit on the side.  She loved the peach butter so much she asked for a second serving to spread on her biscuit.

Georgia Anne (4) wanted a sandwich, but I knew she wouldn’t eat a whole one.  So we shared the Fried Green Tomato BLT ($8).  Pickled cucumbers and romaine {Yay! No iceberg! I love you, Yard Bird!} were cool counterpoints to the hot, hot, hot fried green tomatoes and thick, crispy bacon.  The brioche roll had been perfectly toasted before it was all assembled… this sandwich was as good as a Fried Green Tomato BLT can get… and that’s pretty doggone good.

Yard Bird Cafe is everything I love about local restaurants:

  • ingredients are healthy & fresh {you can order organic milk or Indian River Florida OJ!}
  • flavors are familiar with a twist
  • everything is made from scratch: from biscuits to house-pickled slaw
  • staff & locals are happy to share their favorite dish because they eat here, too
  • you leave so very happy you found the place!

We were clued in to Yard Bird’s awesomeness when we met one of the waitresses at the Colonial Quarter.   {Hi, Michelle! Thank you!}  Lots of restaurants & shops come and go in St. Augustine- so I don’t always rush in to new places.  But now that I’ve been to Yard Bird Cafe, I’m bummed I’ve missed it all this time!  I can’t wait to share their metro-country cooking with the rest of our family- and with you!  What’s your favorite meal at Yard Bird Cafe?

The Yard Bird Cafe
7:00 am – 3:00 pm, closed Mondays

117 King Street <- old address
(904) 217-3337
The Yard Bird Cafe has moved and is now called The Blue Hen. They changed names and location but it’s the same delish food!


  1. says

    FYI – When you can’t make it to The Yard Bird Cafe…. a new delivery service… Munchi’s Express http://www.MunchisExpress.com will deliver to you for only $5!!! You can’t beat that! Just wanted to let you and your readers know. 🙂

  2. says

    nice article; it’s tough reading before dinner cause your food fotos looked great!

    • says

      Haha! That’s one restaurant you don’t want to visit on a full stomach! 🙂

  3. says

    love Yard Bird and it’s quaint feel, decor, and yummy food! I love the Stack and peach butter:) we were just there on Sunday too;)

    • says

      We probably just missed each other! Drat! Hope we’re the same place at the same time sometime, Brooke!

  4. Annette Petrick says

    My friends ate lunch there and were absolutely enchanted. We were headed there this morning to try it out. Whoops. Closed on Monday. OK, there is always tomorrow with a fried green tomato BLT on the other side of the rainbow. We’ll be heading over from Anastasia Island. Watch for Bill and me. Annette

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