Best Kept Secrets of St. Augustine

Our family lives outside of town and spends a lot of time playing tourist in and around town! Hubby loathes paying for parking, so we often search for free parking near the downtown area.  Here are some best kept secrets we can offer to help you save some money on just parking your vehicle.

Best Kept Secrets of Parking

The meters are only monitored from Monday-Saturday 8:00 am- 5:00 pm in most areas and free on Sundays and holidays. However, there are exceptions so be sure to check the area and have noticed some changes over the years. Before you pay, read the fine print on the meter or kiosk in the lot. Then go buy some goodies with the money you save!

Many of the residential streets have on-street parking, but be sure to watch the signs for permit parking only areas. There are also businesses that may be closed for the day/evening that have lots open. Check for signs and be careful to not use lots with the dreaded tow away zone signs!

If you would rather pay and get on your way, St. Augustine has a few options to help make feeding the meter less stressful! Along with the Park Now cards for residents, the ParkStAug App saves the hassle of digging for coins to load the meter. Both options, make paying for parking easier.


Stay in Town

Secure a hotel or Bed-n-Breakfast in town that has parking included! There are many choices in town that will put you in the center of the action and allow you to see everything on foot or catch an Old Town Trolley Tour or the Ripley’s Red Train Tours. They offer 3-day tickets with hop on and off tours in and around town during the day! Along with the purchase of a ticket, they both offer shuttle service from local hotels and campgrounds outside of town. Be sure to check with the front desk before making your reservation to confirm shuttle service is available!

Best Kept Secrets to Savings on Attractions and Meals

There are many opportunities to save on attractions and meals in the St. Augustine area. First, stop by the welcome center and pick up coupon books, maps, and attraction information. They have it all along with air-conditioned clean restrooms!

Here’s more information on savings sites and other tricks to help you save on your next trip! Are you looking for some more tips on how to save? Send me a message or comment below, we have found numerous best kept secrets to explore St. Augustine on a budget!







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