Colonial Spanish Quarter

** UPDATE: The Colonial Spanish Quarter is OPEN again!!  The new Colonial Quarter encompasses British colonial, Spanish colonial & Native American history.  Pat Croce, owner of the St. Augustine Pirate Museum, revitalized it.  View preview pictures of the NEW COLONIAL QUARTER <-here!**

Like jewelry?  Like the history of St. Augustine?  How about live music, freshly harvested produce, and seeing the arts of yesteryear being practiced?  Like catching a cool bay breeze on a warm, sunny day while strolling under the dappled shade of venerable Florida oaks?  Welcome to the Colonial Spanish Quarter in St. Augustine.

This is how wares were crafted and displayed hundreds of years ago.  Raw materials draped over pegs on a crude post… Simple silver bracelets spread on a rough linen cloth.  I am captivated by the timelessness of the art.  That’s what Colonial Spanish Quarter is all about.

Meeting the artisan who crafted your jewelry is special.

Having said artisan personally create a piece for you leads you to cherish the piece.

Watching a craftsman create and personalize a simple, timeless treasure while in period costume makes this history buff swoon!

The first time I visited St. Augustine’s Colonial Spanish Quarter was for a Homeschool Day.  Hands-on learning stations were set up around the grounds and the children were given opportunities to manually drill holes in wood, tie & throw “monkey’s knots”, work pulley systems to lift heavy kegs, knit with a lucet, grind corn into meal and call out orders {en Espanol!} for black-powder guns… Prepare!  Apunten!  FUEGO!!!!!

Lauren was eager to wear her new Colonial American dress to the Colonial Spanish Quarter.  No one mentioned the century-wide gap in historic clothing styles- she thought she fit right it.  {Thank you, CSQ volunteers!}

The Taberna del Gallo is open daily offering refreshments (beer, wine, sangria, soda) and talk of the town just like a tavern did centuries ago.  The Colonial Spanish Quarter Gift Shop is also open daily.  To truly experience colonial St. Augustine, however, head down St. George Street the 2nd Saturday of the month.  Once you walk through the arched doorway, you’re transported to another time… one where food is slowly roasted over a fire, goats are tied just off the path and wares are sold by the ones who made them.

One visit, I tasted an Olive Oil Blend that still makes my tastebuds happy.  The delicious blend of herbs perfectly complimented the crusty bread I dipped into the plate.  {Note: You can find these blends at the Spice and Tea Exchange of St Augustine anytime.}  On different occasions, I’ve been delighted to discover a Spanish Guitarrist, garden-fresh produce and my simple, beautiful silver bracelet.

Wandering through The Spanish Quarter reminds me that times were only simpler in some ways.  As I watch a group of women spinning and sewing all day long on a single garment, I’m reminded of the importance of family, faith and friends in the midst of hard work.  I leave inspired to somehow teach my own children how to enjoy life’s simple blessings… and find instead I can learn simplicity of faith from them{Mark 10:13-16}

When I see the hard work all around me producing beautiful craftsmanship, I’m encouraged that the hard work of teaching and raising children is likewise producing lasting masterpieces.  We weave love of God and learning and cleaning and gardening and laughter into a seamless beautiful tapestry called life.  You really should visit.  You never know what you might discover!  More about the value of hard work, God, family, yourself… or maybe just a glimpse of what life is really about.  Life is short.  Live it well.

35 St. George Street
Colonial Market 2nd Saturday from 10 am – 4 pm
Taberna del Gallo Sun-Thurs Noon – 7pm, Fri & Sat Noon – 11:30 pm
Spanish Quarter Gift Shop is open daily from 9 am – 5:30 pm
So many scriptures came to mind as I typed this up!  I love seeing the fullness of what God intends life to be like- both in real life & in His Word!  Here are a couple of passages that kept coming to mind as I wrote.  🙂  Col 3:23-25, Phil 1:6, John 15:13


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    Hi Allie. I, too, am a FL native. 😀 I just stubbled upon your blog post about the Spanish Quarter and the “Colonial Market” event every 2nd Saturday each month. Had some questions I was hoping you may be able to answer, but did not see an email for you anywhere on your blog. Maybe you could be kind enough to contact me via mine. We have a friend here from out of state we are hoping to take around St. Augustine for tomorrow {tried to call the S.Q., but it’s after hours}.



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    what is Spanish Quarter’s telephone #

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