Ghosts of St. Augustine

As my hubby always says, “If you believe in life after death, then you have to believe in ghosts.” Well, I am not sure everyone would agree! However, there are definitely enough stories about massacres taking place in and around St. Augustine. Ghost tours are just another form of oral history to learn about the Ghosts of St. Augustine. As a family, we enjoy a good ghost tour!  On our most recent adventure, we took the Ripley’s Ghost Train Tour.

Hunting the Ghosts of St. Augustine

Upon check in, each ticket holder was given an EMF meter and each group received a laser pointer. Our guide was absolutely fabulous! He kept us entertained and on the edge of our seats as we toured the Nation’s Oldest City. There were two stops where we were able to get out an explore on our trek and lots of fun along the way. The guides did switch when we got back to the Oddotorium offering a new perspective along with new twists to the tour.

Ripley’s After Dark

Being granted admission to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Oddotorium after the lights go down for the evening is an experience in itself. The regular daytime tours have ended and it’s just the ghost tour navigating the museum.  Our guide on this portion of the tour was just as intriguing as the gentleman on the train!  By her enthusiasm and personal engaging stories, you could tell she enjoys leading these tours each evening and has a wealth of  knowledge.

Things to Know Before you Go!

Purchase tickets earlier in the day and be sure to arrive at least 15-20 minutes prior to your tour time to check in. The tour does begin on the train, so dress for the weather. There are stairs to navigate on the later portion of the tour. However, an older elevator is available if needed. Bring your camera or phone to try to snag some pictures of the ghosts! Block out two hours of time for the tour and enjoy it! This was one of our favorite tours that we have taken and look forward to branching out and seeing how this particular one compares to some of the other tours we have yet to experience!

Do you have something you would like reviewed or have questions about the Nation’s Oldest City? Send me a message at or comment below!

Thanks Ripley’s for sponsoring our family on the Ghost Train this month! We appreciate the support and allowing us to experience another adventure to share with our followers.

~ Heather


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