Happy Fall Y’all

Did someone say pumpkin patch? Have you driven by a field with pumpkins growing on a vine in or around St. Augustine? Our pumpkin patches do not come close to trudging through the muddy field and picking a pumpkin straight from the vine in your favorite fall outfits. However, there are some corn mazes and down on the farm types of activities in the area. Still not like the farms of the north, but you get to enjoy warm weather with no chance of frost on your pumpkins. As I quickly learned when I moved south, you must be careful to not let your pumpkins rot.

Where to get pumpkins?

  1. “Pumpkin Church” First United Methodist Church of St. Augustine offers pumpkins of various sizes. They are open daily 10-7.
  2. Rype and Readi has a pumpkin patch waiting for you! Check out their event for more information. Pumpkins are available 9-6 daily and for $3.00 children can paint their pumpkins on Saturday mornings until noon.

How to save your Jack-O-Lanterns?

Speaking of rotting pumpkins, I have found some simple solutions to hopefully keep your Jack-O-Lanterns from looking like a melted snowman.

How to Prevent a Rotting Jack O Lantern


Pumpkin spiced everything… either you love it or you hate it!

Pumpkin spiced everything is popping up around at local coffee shops and bakeries. Whether you love it or hate it, ’tis the season! Which coffee shop is your favorite? Which bakery has the best pumpkin spiced goodies? Share with us your favorites!

Be on the lookout for an upcoming blog on Ghost Tours being offered this month! Do you have a favorite you would like featured or a special event you would like to see featured, send me a message at heathersimplystaugustine@gmail.com.


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