Late Night Date Night… Harry’s for Dessert

We slipped out for a “late night date night” in St. Augustine.  No plans.  We asked our facebook fans for ideas and parked on the Plaza near Aviles… but the music didn’t draw us in so we walked on.

As if the entrance wasn’t enticing enough, the relaxing strum of the guitar lured us…

We stopped at Harry’s.  The rain had let up for the night, so we were seated in the courtyard.  The heaters kept the “Florida chill” {63*} away.

I decided on a Mississippi Mud-tini {tasty- but my favorite remains Rhett’s Espresso Martini} and my hubby settled on a {local} Bold City brew, Duke’s.  We scooted our chairs next to one another… life is good.

An app and a dessert?  Share one dessert?  Share two desserts?!  We weighed our options carefully… and picked two desserts!  Chris went for the Bananas Foster and I settled on the Chocolate Bread Pudding after vascilating for about 10 seconds {Key Lime Pie sounded great… but I’ll save it for the summertime.}

The Bananas Foster didn’t disappoint.  I was surprised that the bananas weren’t cooked very much- I’m used to having them fairly soft- but my hubby assured me he liked them this way better.  Which was fine, because the more he enjoyed his dessert… the less he would want mine!!

Oh, FYI: Bananas Foster & Duke’s is a great combination.  Seriously.  Try it.

Okay- so about that Chocolate Bread Pudding.  When the menu says it’s “made for sharing”, they mean the portion is generous.  And maybe after a full meal at Harry’s, we would have been happy to share.  But since I only ate Soup and Salad for dinner, and it was so very many hours ago, I ate the chocolatey goodness all by myself.

Of course I shared a biteAnd as much ice cream as I could pass off. I finally just scooped the ice cream off the plate and stuck it in Chris’ empty Bananas Foster dish. Really, the ice cream was unnecessary- the soft, almost custard-style bread pudding resting in the rich Bourbon sauce was uh-ma-zing.

We stayed until Stu stopped playing (he’s there Mondays).  Great service, relaxing music and delicious desserts- Harry’s courtyard was wonderful.

Another Harry’s St. Augustine Review, a group dinner
& Romantic Harry’s Waterfront Restaurant

Hubby & I received complimentary desserts of our choice at Harry’s.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own- they did not pay for the review or the drinks. 😉


  1. Nancy Herber says

    I’ll give you my right arm for your recipe for the Chocolate Bread pudding. I’m way up north here in Wisconsin and will promise not to share the recipe with a soul! I promise! My husband is a chocoholic and he’s actually had dreams about that chocolate bread pudding. We were at your restaurant late February while on vacation. Entrees were magnificent and dessert was exceptional! I’m going nuts trying to recreate it, and haven’t found the right recipe yet, and I’ve spent a lot of money on all the ingredients. Please help me.
    I’ll be indebted to Harry’s for life!

  2. Alex says

    Hi Allie thanks for posting your experience. I too love Harry’s and go whenever I get a chance (I’m from Kissimmee, FL). I love it there, the atmosphere, the food, the live music, it’s all just fabulous. I especially love it when they have their pay 100 dollars for a gift card and get an extra 30 dollars put onto it for free!!! I am however in the same boat with Nancy as far as the chocolate bread pudding it is hands down the best bread pudding I have ever had. If you could in anyway get your hands on the recipe and send it my way it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much,

    • says

      I’ve tried, Alex! So far, no luck! I’ll keep asking… maybe one of these days they’ll relent… 😉 ~Allie O

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