Live, Laugh, Love in St Augustine

We love where we live.

St. Augustine is the nation’s oldest city.  It’s full of local businesses, cobbled streets, and laughing kids.

Well, laughing kids when we parents slow down long enough to let them have fun just being kids.

Walking on a wall because... well, why not?!?
To jump, or not to jump. That is the biggest question filling my little one's mind! The simplicity of childhood!
She's flying!!!
How can you not laugh with her?!

I love that my children find joy in the simple things… and teach me to as well.

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  1. renee says

    LOVE the photos and this post!!!

    • says

      Thanks, Renee! As you know, this city is so magical to explore. Tiny, crooked doorways, low walls to walk on, centuries-old textures to touch… we’re so blessed to call St. Augustine home!

  2. Beth says

    Awesome pics. You sound like a great mom! 🙂

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