Mix and Match Candy Shop

My kids love candy.  But then, what kids don’t?  Any time they get to choose what to do in St. Augustine, my children include a trip to Mix & Match candy shop!

Getting here is easy.  From the parking garage, walk along St. George Street.  Cross over Hypolita (the only road cars can drive on in the historic district).  Then look for the Rendezvous Row shops sign on your right.

Yes, it has to be *this* candy shop.  I must tell you that all St. Augustine candy shops are not created equally.  I’ve tried to take the kids to other shops, but their dollar doesn’t go as far and their favorite treats aren’t always in the other shops.  So it’s Mix & Match for us! 

The kiddos go in with money in hand.  You pay per pound and as long as they’re not busy, the cashier is very patient as our littles mix up different treats within their budget.

pro tip: Candy at Mix & Match is per pound, choose wisely!  Don’t spend your money on butterscotch & peppermints or giant {heavy} jawbreakers – go for the cool candy!

Some of our children choose the same thing every time.  Others venture into new territory with each trip.  I’m a risk taker.  Check out my score last visit… GOLD TEETH! Hahaha!

When ordinary candy just won’t do… 

Mix & Match Candy Shop
106 St. George Street 


  1. Noreen says

    Love this shop and the other spots you take us too! I love CANDY!

  2. Colleen says

    Love your blog. The kids thought this was neat. 2.98 a 1/4 pound. The kids could not get anything good. I would sugest the kids get one of the package things like the teeth.

    • says

      My 11 yo’s current favorite is any of the sour fizzy candies. But you’re right- at $2.98 a pound, she just buys a couple at a time. That keeps her smiling and her dentist happy, too! LOL!

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