Mother’s Day in St. Augustine

Mother’s Day always seems to be an interesting day in our house. So many expectations of how it should be and what mom would really like to do to celebrate. Honestly, all I really want to do is go to the beach and enjoy a gorgeous day soaking up some Vitamin D. Maybe a picnic lunch on the way would be nice! Sitting in a crowded restaurant while dealing with someone not being happy with the selections on the menu really is not my idea of a relaxing day.

We always have a story to tell and there are many past mother’s days that would have you falling off your chair. However, I might be in trouble with my kiddos and hubby if I shared them just yet. My mother says that someday I really need to write that book because so much of it is really unbelievable. I suppose we all feel like that at times. Anyone trying to be a mother in today’s world probably feels like they are chasing their tails more than they are not!  For me, just having a day of not running all over the place and enjoying the outdoors is the perfect day.

Lightner Museum
Lightner Museum has gorgeous collections any mom would enjoy.

Where to take mom in St. Augustine for Mother’s Day?

St. Augustine has so much to offer moms and ladies to enjoy this weekend! Here’s a quick list of places mom might like to visit or places you may want to stop by for a last minute gift!

Unfortunately, I will not be one of the ladies enjoying the Ancient City this weekend. Instead, I will be moving my daughter into her a new apartment to begin her graduate studies. Doing what it means to be a mom, cleaning, moving, and making sure she has everything she needs as she begins this next chapter in her life. Why not? It’s Mother’s Day by the way and she needs her mom to help her get off on the right track.

What will you be doing this Mother’s Day? If in town, where would you recommend our readers go this weekend?

To all the mom’s out there, cherish these moments with your littles! My days of having the little pitter, patter feet on the wood floors have passed and we are on to new adventures with adult and teenage children! Each stage prepares you for the next, but don’t miss out on the blessings along the way.

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Happy Mother’s Day!


This little guy hates to go anywhere unless he is headed to a baseball game. Does anyone else have a child like him?

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