Night Life

Rock Star Parking.

That’s what my BFF calls a perfect parking spot- and last night, we got a Rock Star spot in Old Town.  My hubs & I were looking for some live music to celebrate his birthday- great parking was just the beginning of a fun night in town.

We’d planned to stop by Mi Casa Cafe on St. George Street, they have live music & cold beer, but we got a late start & they close at 10.

Sangria’s, also on St. George St, was next on the list- we’ve walked by a million times but never gone upstairs.  It must be decent because the only table available was next to a {very loud} speaker.  After 13 years of marriage, it could be said that we can communicate without words… but it wasn’t quite what we had in mind so on we walked.

The Tasting Room (photo at left) was an easy pick at that point in the evening… tried and true, never lets us down, and they have live music until midnight.  Last night was no disappointment.  Lu Rubino’s amazing voice &  acoustic guitar {of StorySide:B fame} were exactly what we were looking for.  Vegetable & Goat Cheese Empanadas provided a savory treat while we perused Tasting Room‘s extensive Spanish wine list (hubs decided on beer- a Lagunitas IPA, I believe). {update: Michael’s Tasting Room no longer has live music, instead focusing on seasonal flavors perfectly paired with wine. Read about our Michael’s Tasting Room Chef’s Table Dinner here.

Not quite ready to call it a night, we strolled down Hypolita St to Rhett’s Piano Bar.  It’s nestled beside rowdier Scarlett O’Hara’s (burgers, bbq & beer) but stands apart as a gourmet eatery with great music & ambiance.  Bartender Allen has the best accent in town, and he mixes a perfect drink.  Try the Espresso Martini or Creme Brulee Martini.  Mmm.  Oh, and a warm Bread Pudding for dessert.

Next to us sat a couple who had plumbed the depths of St. Augustine’s dining scene- I learned of some new “must try” gems to pass on to you!  St. Augustine is a great place to be a local- what a night!  We strolled hand-in-hand, shared laughs, great music & toasts to a fabulous birthday. {update: Rhett’s is closed. Dos Gatos bar has replaced it- craft cocktails, no food.}



  1. Diane Fudge says

    What a blessing that you two are not just “married”, but still so in love! p.s. If I were visiting St. Augustine, I’d have you plan my trip. You certainly do know the places that are “off the beaten track”, and the popular places as well!

  2. says

    Thanks so much for your comment on my site. My parents are in St Augustine annually so your site will definitely come in handy!

    I’m excited to read more too, the great restaurants aren’t obvious in St Augustine!

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