Park Now! St. Augustine Parking Pass for Locals

As much as I love Historic St. Augustine, I must admit that parking can make it hard to enjoy.  Our favorite secret spots aren’t as secret as they used to be and lately I’ve had to pay to park more often than I’d like to.  The good news is locals can save money while parking in the garage, at metered parking or pay stations with the Park Now Card.

Step 1: Obtain a Park Now Card

The City of St. Augustine has a drive-thru on Bridge Street opened M-F from 7:30 – 5:00. It can’t get much easier than that! This is a pre-paid card and it costs you $2.50 up front plus however much you load on the card.  You can choose between $20, $50, or $100 increments each time you fill it.

Step 2: Use

Use the Park Now Card in any city pay meter and whisper, “Thank God I’m a local!” every time you park in the garage without a second thought. Park for only $3 per day in the parking garage or choose metered parking and save 50 cents per hour.  That kind of savings adds up! No more hunting for change!

Step 3: Recharge

You can recharge at the Bridge Street drive through or at the recharge station at the Visitor’s Information Center. This is a little tricky to find… if you walk out of the garage toward the VIC, turn L and you’ll see it across from where the trolleys stop. No, I don’t know why it’s way over there. Yes, it’s easier than trying to make it to the drive through station sometimes!

Discounted Parking for Locals in St Augustine
Recharge your Park Now Card day or night at the VIC!

This is starting to sound like a commercial… but if any locals don’t have one of these yet, I am doing my best to convince you! It’s easy- swipe, print a receipt, place on dash & go.  There is even a stub on the receipt that says how long you have that you can tear & keep with you (no more wondering, “how much longer do I have?”!)

This isn’t technically for locals only… if you’re staying for a while or come often, the Park Now Card may save you money, too!  For all the best of St. Augustine and how to enjoy our city like a local, subscribe to Simply St Augustine’s email updates!

Stop in the City of St. Augustine’s office for your Park Now Card
7:30 – 5:00 M-F

50 Bridge Street


  1. Carol Labanowski says

    We parked in the garage on Sunday and were charged $3.00. With our park now pass .your web site says $1.00 with park now pass. Please tell me the rules. Did the cost go up

    • says

      Yes, Carol! They raised it March 1 – thank you for reminding me to update!! 🙂

  2. Crystal Painter says

    We have a house on 96 South Street in Lincolnville. Our daughter is getting married at the White room on Nov. 30. We will have guests park in the garage and then the trolley will bring them to and from the White Room. Is there any way for us to purchase garage parking passes for our guests?
    Crystal Painter

    • says

      Great question, Crystal! I would like to think there is a way for you to help your guests like that. You’ll want to call the city- see if you can reach Tara Bennie at 825-1034. Alternately, you could ask the Trolley if your guests could utilize one of their lots if it’s not during their busy time? Good luck!

      • Heidi says

        What is the area code? We have a wedding scheduled for the lightner museum and reception at. A1A. We need to have an alternate parking plan if it rains.

        • says

          The First Coast’s area code is 904. 🙂 Congrats on the wedding! ~Allie O.

  3. Teresa says

    I want to purchase a parking pass sticker… for all year. How do I do that? Cannot find it on the website…

    • says

      You can purchase a Park Now card but I don’t believe a parking sticker is available unless you’re permitted. Call the office or stop by the Bridge Street location next time you’re in town!

  4. Kelly Z says

    My daughter goes to Flagler. I purchased a yearly parking pass for her last year for $270. Can those not be purchased anymore?

    • says

      I do believe annual passes are still options. That’s not a good deal for locals who just pop downtown for a couple of hours here and there. 😉 ~Allie O.

  5. Kate G says

    Is the pass still available for purchase? Where can I get it again? Easy to find? Not very familiar with the area. Thanks!

    • says

      Yes, it is! Stop by the drive thru window at 50 Bridge Street or call 825-1034 for more information. ~Allie O

  6. Katy says

    For Flagler Students this year (2016-2017) the full year parking pass costs $170. Due to construction of the new parking garage for the college, there is even more limited parking for students. However, for the Fall Semester, Flagler has partnered with the City Garage and the first 300 students that buy a pass and want to park in the city’s garage may do so. When they go to pick up their parking pass they just tell the security office that they want the City Garage parking this semester and not the on-campus parking 🙂 Spring Semester should be back to normal once they complete the college’s parking garage! Hope this helps someone!

  7. Carmen L says

    Just picked ours up and it took less than 5 minutes!

    • says

      Totally worth it, don’t you think!?! Enjoy Carmen!! ~Allie O.

  8. Betty says

    What time of day is there free parking downtown

    • says

      After 6:00! Read the meters carefully when you park to make sure though. 🙂 ~Allie O

  9. Jackie Ellison says

    I went to purchase a park now card and location on this site is incorrect. I tried calling the number above and could not reach anyone. Would someone please update the information and give directions of the new location to purchase park now.

    Thank You

    • says

      Hi Jackie! I’m sorry you were unable to find the office but both the phone number and address on my post is correct: 50 Bridge Street The easiest way to get to the drive through window is to drive down Granada (by Lightner Museum) and then pull up through the teller-style drive through on your left just before the stop sign by Bridge Street. I hope that helps you find it! ~Allie O.

  10. Jennifer Etheridge says

    Can I buy and refill online without going downtown to Bridge Street or the Visitors’ Center?

    • says

      Jennifer- your best bet is to stop by the automated station outside the VIC/Parking Garage. Ask the attendant and he’ll point you in the right direction! It’s between the garage and Barnacle Bills. ~Allie O.

  11. Gail says

    Hi, We live in Palm Coast and visit Downtown St. Augustine frequently. Would we qualify? We are in Flagler County.

    • says

      Hi Gail! You are welcome to purchase a pass! As far as I know, there is no proof of residency required… but you do have to purchase at least $25 the first time which makes it more useful to locals than visitors. 🙂 Hope that helps! ~Allie O.

      • Gail says

        Thank you Ally O!
        We are going to get ours today!!!!

        • says

          Have fun in town without the hassle of parking! It’s such a treat driving straight to the garage with no guilt for the cost of parking. 🙂 ~Allie O.

  12. Selena Kraft says

    I work downtown and would like to know if a yearly parking pass is going to save more money than pre paid parking card.
    Thanks for your help!

    • says

      Hi Selena! That’s a great question. When I last compared prices, it wasn’t worth it for the amount of time I’m in town. So I guess the short answer is: it depends on how often you’re in town during paid parking hours and how often you’re able to find free parking. 😉 I haven’t checked in several years though. When you call, let me know what you learn! ~Allie O.

  13. Joanne Esposito says

    does the park now pass has an expiration date? or a person can use it up 2 months later? What I am asking is is there a time frame?
    Thank you Joanne.

    • says

      There is no time frame, Joanne. It essentially operates as a parking debit card. You load cash on it and then deduct from that until you’ve spent it all. You cannot ever reverse it and get cash back, however. So be careful with how much you load. 😉 ~Allie O.

  14. Abby says

    Is there a way to tell what I was charged? I parked in the garage this morning for the Arts & Craft Festival. I said I was local and the parking attendant handed my ParkNow card back and said there was $7 left on it. I had recently reloaded it, so I know there was more.

    • says

      Great question. You’d have to ask at the city office on the corner of Granada & Bridge Street… but if you have a Park Now Card, there is only 1 standard charge. That being said, I think I remember that on unusually high volume days they don’t offer a discount to Park Now Cards- but it is always clearly posted and I’ve only seen that a couple of times. Hope that helps! ~Allie O.

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